Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aril AF7 - Menatap Matamu

Since AF3, I'm not really into this AF thingy (including their songs, not to say those instant artist) but somehow I just feel this song is just too good... I'm not the type who likes malay songs too much (not because i dont support malay, but they are not just good enough) but this one really caught my ears and the lyrics is actually kinda good... kinda poetic... like a love poem... huahuahau... jiwang sat...

anyway, enjoy...

Sungguh indahnya hari berlalu
Menunggu kasih tambatan hati
Ingin rasanya selalu berbagi
Bersamanya kala suatu nanti

Andai kan kau jadi milikku
Selalu ku nyanyikan lagu rindu
Andaikan kau dan aku bersatu
Dunia ini berseri selalu

Ku ingin dirimu dekat di hatiku
Berdua kita kan raih bahagia
Ku ingin dirimu turut merasa
Rasa rindu untuk menatap matamu
Menatap matamu...

Bagaikan bintang nun jauh di sana
Terangi malam yang semakin gelap
Jika kau sudi menemaniku
Takkan ku lepas walau sedetik pun

Andai kan kau jadi milikku
Selalu ku nyanyikan lagu rindu
Andaikan kau dan aku bersatu
Dunia ini berseri selalu

Ku ingin dirimu dekat di hatiku
Berdua kita kan raih bahagia
Ku ingin dirimu turut merasa
Rasa rindu untuk menatap matamu
Menatap matamu...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Impressed....

I am really impressed with you guys... as my readers... maybe i'm just not good in making a joke like my entry before this... but I'm surprised, no response at all from anyone... at least, tell it's noob or lame or sum negative comments... but no response???? what? am i too good or am i too bad??? or u guys already know about it??? or what??? hahahahaha...

anyway, let's do some catch up with my life...

currently pursuing National Sports Council (NSC) Sport Science Level 1. it's a 5 days course, 4 days lecture and 1 day exam. hopefully I'll pass and won't have to repeat the paper... hehe... it's a course teaching us about coaching and the sport science in general and not sport specific. and this course is under SPKK (Skim Persijilan Kejurulatihan Kebangsaan) and part of the requirement to obtain SPKK Level 1... With this certificate, i'll be at equal level with those guys who obtained their bachelor degree in Sports Science (and it's pretty much like i'm a guy with two degree already... hahahahahaha...)

in waiting, the VLSI training provided by Symmid... well, i'm still waiting the result of my application and the venue of the class, either it is Kelana Jaya or UMP... well, as far as I know they still receive less than expected participant so I'm still thinking about being in Kelana Jaya even i'm hoping for UMP... also, waiting for those calls for job interview... hopefully there'll be at least 2 or 3 calls for interview this time... if not, i dont know what to do anymore... might change my career to taekwondo after this...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why native americans (the red indians) are called the red indians...

One day, Christopher Columbus made an appointment with the Indians (not the Red Indians, but the real Indians in India) and set sail from Europe...

And since Christopher already promised they're coming to India, these indians make all the preparation to celebrate Christopher... the planned celebration is so grand...

And Christopher set sail to India with crews in his ship... and the indians in India wait and wait and wait for Christopher... Amazingly, this Christopher never did arrived on the land of India... and those Indians started to get mad... they said, "where's this Christopher... he's so bloody late..."

While at the same time, Christopher and his crew get lost in the middle of their journey... But, not wanting to hurt his reputation among his men Christopher said they're on the right track and just move on with their journey until they found a land named America... Christopher met few of the native people of the land and he don't recognized them... but for the sake of his pride and reputation, he said "here we are in India... Look, that's Indians"

so, that's why those native american is called Red Indians... it's just because a man is lost and accidentally found another land and doesn't want to admit his mistakes...

p to the s:
1. as been told by Russel Peters and re-interpret by me...
2. the convo photo's are already uploaded... kindly check my facebook photo album...

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry everyone... it looks like the entry on the 4th UMP Convo will have to be delayed due to problems with my laptop's display... the piccas are still in the cam and not uploaded yet...

Please be more patient and wait for them to be here... sorry for any inconvenience caused...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome... (15sx, Parental Guidances Are Necessary)

Do you know one of the reason why I like "How I Met Your Mother" sitcom very much? of course on of them is it's awesome (how awesome can it be other than 3 lame guys with 2 girls trying to look cool, hillarious...)

but another thing is, they try to make real every and each of things mentioned in the sitcom to other people... whatever things that people might get an access to, they will do it making the story like a true story that is actually happened on the planet earth...

First, the bro code... they actually published a book (also an audiobook) called bro code for other people... of course this is pretty much like their merchandise... but then, the Awesomeness Motivational Poster of Barney... FOC with DVD (unfortunately only within US)

It doesn't stop at there... Websites mentioned in the sitcom almost all are made real... the sites are published right after the sitcom mentioned it in one episodes... one of them, TedMosbyIsAJerk.Com although the site later got changed the URL and redirection is done... Heck, they even made a counter site too...

Plus, one episodes where the discuss about Robin's celebrity encounter where she said celebrity would do weird things if they want to have sex... while that, Barney mentioned about Canadian Sex Act and they even made it real... but eventually removed...

a lot of other tie-ins and you can check here. There's, the Dr.X by Ted, Barney's video resume, Wedding Bride Movie...

What's interesting, while they always mention Barney had a blog and it is real (in CBS server, check it out here) now they mention about Barney tweeting in Ted's Robin 101 class... and heck, it's there!!!!!! it called Broslife

While CBS have their original copy of Barney's Awesomeness poster, but they use a fan made poster which looks 99% alike... at first I didn't realize it but noticed the similarities that the background have with my wallpaper... after a while, yeah it's 100% the same poster with the one I have... why didn't they use their own???

p to the s: sorry for delaying on the convo... hehe... i'll put it up later today...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Han Namja

한남자가 있어 널 너무 사랑한
한남자가 있어 사랑해 말도 못하는
니 곁에 손 내밀며 꼭 닿을거리에
자신보다 아끼는 널 같이 내가 있어

한여자가있어 이런날 모르는
사랑받으면서 사랑인줄 도 모르는

han namja ga isso nol nomu saranghan
han namja ga isso saranghae maldo mothanun
ni kyote son nemilmyo ggok taulgoriye
jashinboda agginun nol kachi nega isso

hanyuhjagaisso ironal morunun
sarangpadumyonso saranginjul do morunun

There's a man. Who loves you so much.
There's a man. Who can't even say I love you.
By your side I put my hand out and
at a path were you can always reach me
I, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

There's a girl, who doesn't know I'm like this.
Who receives love but doesn't even know that it is love.

p to the s: entry on convo later... it's not like any of you care...