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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year 2010!!!!!

yup, new year is around the corner (though the actual new year already passed around almost 2 weeks) and people start talking "hey, what's ur new year resolution?" and "how's last year's resolution??"

well, let's review mine... on 1st Jan 2009, i did post these as my resolution...

  1. to be better than last year
  2. to achieve more than last year
  3. to enjoy my life more than last year
  4. to secure myself a JOB!!!
  5. to grad... hoho...
let's see, did I achieve any??? yuppppp... ho yeahhhh... congrats to myself...

did i achieved everything??? I think... to grad... well, i grad, convo already... check... secure myself a job... check... enjoy my life more than last year... hmmm... hope i could enjoy more... most of the time i'm having financial problems... so, nope... uncheck... to achieve more than last year... hey, I already got a job, got a car, yes I achieved more.... check... and last one, to be a better person than last year... so far??? less baling2 barang, less amuk2... although too many2 maki hamun while driving... but hey, less baling2 barang2 and less amuk2... improved right??? checked... hahahaha.... good job MRL... good job...

so, what about next year????

  1. Secure a better job... this one's great... but not enough salary... to tell the truth, I miss Penang... hahaha...
  2. To be a better man... less angry, less temper... is it possible???
  3. Last year's resolution, to enjoy life more...
  4. To be more secure financially...
  5. To have some savings (although seems to be quite impossible...)
I think 5 is enough... or should I add 6??? get a girlfriend, engaged and get married???? wahahahahahaha.... well, my parents started to worried about that issue now, ain't them??? the thing is, I wonder why they ask my sister about this instead of coming straight right at me... XD

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Stupidity of Designer....

In online registration form, you said a password can't exceed 8 characters...

And in the form, you limit the password field to 8 characters already... so, it's safe... we'll never fill in more than 8 characters...

But in the login form, you don't limit the password field to 8 characters and user can enter as many characters as they want... what??? you think that's good ah???? you think everybody gonna read your small printing saying your password is limited to 8 characters ah???

And then you expect people to notice when they fill up the password field, the star doesn't come out anymore after 8th characters???? stupid fella... bloody hell...

if you limit the registration form, limit the login form too you stupid.... and if the password is wrong, state there "Wrong Password" instead of "Please Try Again After 3 Minutes"... I mean, how the hell ppl gonna know they entered wrong password because of your limitation while you keep asking them to try again after 3 minutes????

I hate this kind of service, but it seems this kind of service is normal if it comes from Malaysian company...

I take one week to figure out that Celcom OCS's "Please Try Again After 3 Minutes" means "Wrong Password" after login at their main OCS page (which is not for MNP, again, why the hell MNP user got different kind of treatment???) saying the password is wrong and try again after 3 minutes...

I urge you to fire this kind of engineer who designed the system... Can't event think to convey "wrong password" msg...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia 1-0 Vietnam... Gold Medal bebbbbb...

I just finished watching the live broadcast of football men final of Sukan SEA Laos... The result, surprisingly Malaysia managed to win the game with 1-0.

I have to say, i'm surprised... they played so nice even though there are mistakes here and there... but still, the quality of their game has improved a lot... this is one of malaysia's best game ever... at least the one that i watched... hahahaha...

even though the goal is somewhat a lucky goal but they deserve it... the move that lead to that lucky goal deserve a reward...

Congratulations Malaysia!!!!! Malaysia's U23 team has proven that they can do it!!!! Let's keep this kind of game play consistent for the next tournament...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne - Down

I only heard this in the Hitz.FM once in the car and attracted to it... nice song... just like what I love...the vids is not that great even it has nice dance routine... anyway, this song is not like nowadays musics that require videos to enhance the effect... the songs do just fine on its own... enjoy...

all credits is to the owner of the video...

Baby are you down down down down down,
Downnnnnnn, downnnnnnn,
Even if the sky is falling down,
Downnnnn, downnnnn
Ooohhh (ohhh)

(Verse 1)

You oughta know, tonight is the night to let it go,
Put on a show, I wanna see how you lose control,


So leave it behind cause we, have a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape.


So baby dont worry, you are my only,
You wont be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
Youll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Dowwwnnnnn, Dowwnnnnn,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Downnnnn, Downnnnnn,
Even if the sky is falling down,

(Verse 2)

Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me,
Ill take you away, hey, turn this place into our private getaway,


So leave it behind cause we, have a night to get away,
So come on and fly with me, as we make our great escape,

(So why dont we run away)
Jay Sean Down lyrics found on


So baby dont worry, you are my only,
You wont be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
Youll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Dowwwnnnnn, Dowwnnnnn,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Downnnnn, Downnnnnn,
Even if the sky is falling down,

LiL Wayne
(Verse 3)
Even if the sky is falling down like she supposed to be,
She gets down low for me,
Down like her temperature, cause to me she zero degree,
She cold, overfreeze,
I got that girl from overseas,
Now she my miss America,
Now can I be her soldier please,
Im fighting for this girl,
On a battlefield of love,
Dont it look like baby cupid sent his arrows from above,
Dont you ever leave the side of me,
Indefinitely, not probably,
And honestly im down like the economy,


So baby dont worry, you are my only,
You wont be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
Youll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Dowwwnnnnn, Dowwnnnnn,
Baby are you down down down down down,
Downnnnn, Downnnnnn,
Even if the sky is falling down,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Through My Window

Don’t want much, I just want everything
Thought that I could, do almost anything
One step in front of the other
Thought that I could do it alone

In the blink of an eye, it’s just another day
Telling me why, I’ll find another way
Got this feeling, got me reeling
I can almost start believing

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me, me are together now
Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Me and you, And we are not alone
Different view, We are together now
Through my window, I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

I see a spark, it starts a fire
Is this the one worth waiting for?
Thought that I could do it without you
Can’t exist like this anymore

Now there’s me and you
And we are not alone
You and me
We are together now

Through my window, I can see there’s
More than you and more than me

Now there’s me and you, you and me
We are not alone and we are together
Through my window I can see
Our wildest dreams could be so real

Bunkface - Through My WIndow

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Aizat - Just One Boy

I have to say, the first time I listen to the song in GSC Queensbay Mall, Penang (Talentime) it does catch my attention... the song is nice, catchy... and what's best is I thought it's american singer...

then i find out, it's Aizat from AF and this song is his writing... I have to say, he's good... I like the song... enjoy!!!

Just one fruit from one tree,
Just 1 rumble mumble to 1 beat
Can send 1 boy climbing climbing

Just 1 drop from 1 cloud
Just 1 itsy bitsy twist and shout
Can send that same boy running, running yeah

Aah..there's a four leaf clover sitting in the sun
It's been waiting for someone like you
But there's really, really no one but you
Tell me you're the one

Could it be magic
It must be magic
Tell the truth, are you my only one?

Just 1 word from 1 girl
Just 1 lovey dovey we control
Can make 1 boy crying crying

Oh..I don't care what you say
I'm gonna steal 1 kiss when you look away
And send this boy flying, flying yeah

Aah..there's a four leaf clover sitting in the sun
It's been waiting for someone like you
But there's really, really no one but you
Tell me you're the one

Could it be magic
It must be magic
I wanna talk like you
Wanna walk like you
Gonna kiss like you

Aah..there's a four leaf clover sitting in the sun
It's been waiting for someone like you
But there's really, really no one but you
Tell me you're the one

Could it be magic
It must be magic
Tell the truth, are you my only one?
Tell the truth, are you my only one?
Tell the truth, cause I love you

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saenggil Chughahamnida

생일 축하합니다~~~

happy birthday to myself, Master Red Lion~~~ haha...

big thankies to all who have wished me, either by sms, facebook, email, friendster or in any forms...

so, what do i wish for my birthday????

already secured a job... so, hope i could do well and excel... plus, big raise!!! haha~~~

also, moving on with mylife and make it meaningful enough for me to survive in this cruel world which happen to be am already survived in so far...

p to the s: suddenly started to think sumthin.... sumthin like... never mind...


Dalam lembah yang gelita
tak nampak wajah
apatah nak ku melangkah
merangkak pun payah
percik api menyala
bagai satu petanda
jauh mana kan ku damba....

dalam jiwa yg cedera
tak nmpk cinta
apatah nk ku gembira
tersenyum pun paksa
bibit kasih mu dinda
susah mana pun aku akn menyusurinya

air mata ku tahan
mengalir lesu dalam kalbu
dingin lalu membeku
menjadi bukti luhur niatku...

dalam hidup yang gelora
tak nmpk dosa
apatah nk bercinta
merindu pun dera
kerdip sinar dimata
bagai satu petanda
sukar mana kan ak puja

air mata ku tahan
mengalir lesu dalam kalbu
dingin lalu membeku
menjadi bukti luhur niatku...

hanya kepadamu
tinggal harapan kasih buat diri ini
kembali berasmara....

air mata ku tahan
mengalir lesu dalam kalbu
dingin lalu membeku
menjadi bukti luhur niatku...

fiq - bukti


once karaoke this song with her, and now i miss that time...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Kebangsaan???

oleh sbb ak nk bercerita pasal bahasa melayu atau kini dikenali sbg bahasa malaysia, maka ak buat entry ni dlm bahasa melayu... di ingatkan, ini adalah sama seperti tajuk blog ak "Uncle Garfield is Thinking" maka ape yg ak tulis hanya sekadar fikiran ak dan bkn berniat untuk menimbulkan sentimen perkauman ke, membangkang kerajaan ke, menyokong kerajaan ke, politik ke, ape jadah sume tu... apetah lagi nk mengutuk mane2 pihak... jd, jgn la anda sume tibe2 nk terasa, kecik ati, pastu komen pedas2 kat entry nih... sape mkn cili die terasa pedas... tp kalo korang komen ak terasa pedas, selaku penulis blog ni ak berhak untuk remove comment tersebut kan... so, kalo kene remove jgn la kate "eleh, die tu kutuk org boleh, org kutuk die xboleh plk..." ak punye blog, ak punye suke... nk kutuk ak, sila la ke blog anda sendiri... hahahahahaha...

ok, ckp ngan kate2 dan ayt2 pedas... nnt xckp air nk kene minum... kembung perut ssh... terus kepada cerita kite... ptg td ak ade la tgk BWF Super Series China Open dkt channel Astro SuperSport... ak ni bkn la suke sgt channel ni tp da org bukak, ak join skali je... ak mula2 xde la amazed sgt tgk die punye game tu... psl ak mmg xminat tgk acara2 sukan nih kecuali acara taekwondo dan formula1... tp, bile da abis la game single final antara China vs China... then ak amazed tgk die punye event... ok, ak jujur... mula2 ak kutuk diorang dlm hati "ape la mereka2 nih... buat event international, grand nk mampos... tp backdrop chinese, announce chinese, promote pon dlm chinese... abis tu cmne org lain nk phm??? korang2 je la phm..." cmtu la lebih kurang ayt ak... tp lps dlm 3 4 saat tu ak terpk blk... "hebat betol diorang ek, bangga dgn bahasa diorang... walaupon org xphm, tp die punye bangga tu sampai memperkenalkan bahasa diorang kat international event cmni... baru la bahasa budaya bangsa... xknl maka xcinta ek... kalo xbwk kuar bahasa kite kat event2 cmni cmne org luar nk tau bahasa kite kan... xtau, maka xknl la, maka xcinta la..."

tibe2 ak terpk plk... event Formula1 Malaysian GP di Litar Formula1 Sepang... apsal kite gune bahasa inggeris ek??? hmmm... mgkn sbb FIA restrict suh gune bahasa inggeris kot... tp, apsal tibe2 ak rs cam ade GP yg pakai bahasa mereka sendiri??? ntah la... ak rs je kan... xsemestinya betol... walaupon ak rs cam mmg ade GP yg announcer die xpakai bahasa inggeris... tp ak xsure...

lps tu, ak terpk lagi... kalo kite tgk China buat international event, Japan buat international event, Korea buat international event, sume masing2 byk pakai bahasa sendiri memperkenalkan bahasa sendiri... tp kenapa bile Malaysia buat international event, byk pakai bahasa inggeris berbanding bahasa melayu???? ok, mgkn bile time xde lintas langsung mereka pakai bahasa melayu la kan... tp bile time nk buat lintas langsung ke, bg hadiah ke, medal ke, ucapan ke mostly in english... backdrop, promotional... ntah la, ak je kot xperasan bile diorang gune bahasa melayu... tp, bile lame2 ak pk... xnmpk ape yg dilaung2kan "memartabatkan bahasa melayu"...

ape bukti nyer??? bile masing2 sume xnk gune bahasa melayu tp sibuk nk memelayukan bahasa inggeris.... kenapa ak kate begitu??? ok... contoh2 adalah seperti dibwh...

1. bile satu band muzik di malaysia buat lagu dgn tajuk "mencari konklusi"... hmmm... konklusi atau conclusion dlm bahasa melayu nyer adalah kesimpulan... xboleh ke wat lagu tajuk "mencari kesimpulan"... kalo nk kate perkataan kesimpulan tu xwujud dlm kamus bahasa melayu, boleh jgk ko nk amik perkataan luar jdkan perkataan kite cam televisyen, telefon dan sebagainye... tp perkataan inggeris sibuk2 kite nk amik jd hak kite replace ngan benda yg kite da ade buat ape??? kate bahasa budaya bangsa... perosak budaya betol la...

2. tema anugerah juara lagu yg lepas... iluminasi muzik??? iluminasi atau illumination bermaksud pencahayaan atau sinaran gitu la lebih kurang... so, xleh ke gune "sinaran muzik" atau "pencahayaan muzik"... kenapa nk memelayukan perkataan illumination tu sedangkan kite da ade perkataan yg sesuai utk digunakan??? ak rs media la yg patot menjalankan tanggungjawab memartabatkan bahasa melayu... tp yg diorang buat, replacekan perkataan kite ngan bahasa org...

patot la org indon makin lame makin mrh kat org2 malaysia ek... makin lame kite makin menyerupai mereka.... amik perkataan2 dari bahasa inggeris, jdkan perkataan kite...

p to the s: ak bknla pakar bahasa, ak bknla bijak sgt bahasa melayu nk komen2 kutuk2 org kan... tp tibe2 ak terpikir benda nih... bahasa rasmi blog ni pon english, not malay... entry ni pon bm nyer tunggang langgang... tp sbg seorang melayu, ak terpk jgk benda ni....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Goodbye my jobless days...

at last... i'll end my jobless days this coming monday, 16th november 2009... I'll report in for duty on 16th November as Electronic Engineer in Malaysian Test Equipment, Kuantan, Pahang... thanks to messo for telling me about this opportunity. although the pay is not that great but i hope this can kickstart my career in this field, insya-allah... also, thank you to mr Amir for bringing back my book... if not, i might not be able to answer the test... lol... XD

well, come to think of it... my life after SPM have been mostly in Pahang... what, am i bounded or something??? hahahaha... National Service Series 1: Semuji Agro Resort/UM, after that Pahang Matriculation College, and after that KUKTEM/UMP again in Pahang... now work in Pahang???? luckily my internship days are done in Penang... fuhhh... if not, I might grow sick of Pahang already... hahahahaha....

p to the s: i hope i still can withdraw from the UMP Job Camp... huhuhu...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The World Is Just Awesome, BOOM DE YADA!!!

this is a campaign of Discovery Channel... well, what they say is the world is just awesome... and if we look back, hey it's true... the world is just awesome... BOOM DE YADA!!!

Older Version

Latest Version

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aril AF7 - Menatap Matamu

Since AF3, I'm not really into this AF thingy (including their songs, not to say those instant artist) but somehow I just feel this song is just too good... I'm not the type who likes malay songs too much (not because i dont support malay, but they are not just good enough) but this one really caught my ears and the lyrics is actually kinda good... kinda poetic... like a love poem... huahuahau... jiwang sat...

anyway, enjoy...

Sungguh indahnya hari berlalu
Menunggu kasih tambatan hati
Ingin rasanya selalu berbagi
Bersamanya kala suatu nanti

Andai kan kau jadi milikku
Selalu ku nyanyikan lagu rindu
Andaikan kau dan aku bersatu
Dunia ini berseri selalu

Ku ingin dirimu dekat di hatiku
Berdua kita kan raih bahagia
Ku ingin dirimu turut merasa
Rasa rindu untuk menatap matamu
Menatap matamu...

Bagaikan bintang nun jauh di sana
Terangi malam yang semakin gelap
Jika kau sudi menemaniku
Takkan ku lepas walau sedetik pun

Andai kan kau jadi milikku
Selalu ku nyanyikan lagu rindu
Andaikan kau dan aku bersatu
Dunia ini berseri selalu

Ku ingin dirimu dekat di hatiku
Berdua kita kan raih bahagia
Ku ingin dirimu turut merasa
Rasa rindu untuk menatap matamu
Menatap matamu...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Impressed....

I am really impressed with you guys... as my readers... maybe i'm just not good in making a joke like my entry before this... but I'm surprised, no response at all from anyone... at least, tell it's noob or lame or sum negative comments... but no response???? what? am i too good or am i too bad??? or u guys already know about it??? or what??? hahahahaha...

anyway, let's do some catch up with my life...

currently pursuing National Sports Council (NSC) Sport Science Level 1. it's a 5 days course, 4 days lecture and 1 day exam. hopefully I'll pass and won't have to repeat the paper... hehe... it's a course teaching us about coaching and the sport science in general and not sport specific. and this course is under SPKK (Skim Persijilan Kejurulatihan Kebangsaan) and part of the requirement to obtain SPKK Level 1... With this certificate, i'll be at equal level with those guys who obtained their bachelor degree in Sports Science (and it's pretty much like i'm a guy with two degree already... hahahahahaha...)

in waiting, the VLSI training provided by Symmid... well, i'm still waiting the result of my application and the venue of the class, either it is Kelana Jaya or UMP... well, as far as I know they still receive less than expected participant so I'm still thinking about being in Kelana Jaya even i'm hoping for UMP... also, waiting for those calls for job interview... hopefully there'll be at least 2 or 3 calls for interview this time... if not, i dont know what to do anymore... might change my career to taekwondo after this...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why native americans (the red indians) are called the red indians...

One day, Christopher Columbus made an appointment with the Indians (not the Red Indians, but the real Indians in India) and set sail from Europe...

And since Christopher already promised they're coming to India, these indians make all the preparation to celebrate Christopher... the planned celebration is so grand...

And Christopher set sail to India with crews in his ship... and the indians in India wait and wait and wait for Christopher... Amazingly, this Christopher never did arrived on the land of India... and those Indians started to get mad... they said, "where's this Christopher... he's so bloody late..."

While at the same time, Christopher and his crew get lost in the middle of their journey... But, not wanting to hurt his reputation among his men Christopher said they're on the right track and just move on with their journey until they found a land named America... Christopher met few of the native people of the land and he don't recognized them... but for the sake of his pride and reputation, he said "here we are in India... Look, that's Indians"

so, that's why those native american is called Red Indians... it's just because a man is lost and accidentally found another land and doesn't want to admit his mistakes...

p to the s:
1. as been told by Russel Peters and re-interpret by me...
2. the convo photo's are already uploaded... kindly check my facebook photo album...

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry everyone... it looks like the entry on the 4th UMP Convo will have to be delayed due to problems with my laptop's display... the piccas are still in the cam and not uploaded yet...

Please be more patient and wait for them to be here... sorry for any inconvenience caused...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome... (15sx, Parental Guidances Are Necessary)

Do you know one of the reason why I like "How I Met Your Mother" sitcom very much? of course on of them is it's awesome (how awesome can it be other than 3 lame guys with 2 girls trying to look cool, hillarious...)

but another thing is, they try to make real every and each of things mentioned in the sitcom to other people... whatever things that people might get an access to, they will do it making the story like a true story that is actually happened on the planet earth...

First, the bro code... they actually published a book (also an audiobook) called bro code for other people... of course this is pretty much like their merchandise... but then, the Awesomeness Motivational Poster of Barney... FOC with DVD (unfortunately only within US)

It doesn't stop at there... Websites mentioned in the sitcom almost all are made real... the sites are published right after the sitcom mentioned it in one episodes... one of them, TedMosbyIsAJerk.Com although the site later got changed the URL and redirection is done... Heck, they even made a counter site too...

Plus, one episodes where the discuss about Robin's celebrity encounter where she said celebrity would do weird things if they want to have sex... while that, Barney mentioned about Canadian Sex Act and they even made it real... but eventually removed...

a lot of other tie-ins and you can check here. There's, the Dr.X by Ted, Barney's video resume, Wedding Bride Movie...

What's interesting, while they always mention Barney had a blog and it is real (in CBS server, check it out here) now they mention about Barney tweeting in Ted's Robin 101 class... and heck, it's there!!!!!! it called Broslife

While CBS have their original copy of Barney's Awesomeness poster, but they use a fan made poster which looks 99% alike... at first I didn't realize it but noticed the similarities that the background have with my wallpaper... after a while, yeah it's 100% the same poster with the one I have... why didn't they use their own???

p to the s: sorry for delaying on the convo... hehe... i'll put it up later today...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Han Namja

한남자가 있어 널 너무 사랑한
한남자가 있어 사랑해 말도 못하는
니 곁에 손 내밀며 꼭 닿을거리에
자신보다 아끼는 널 같이 내가 있어

한여자가있어 이런날 모르는
사랑받으면서 사랑인줄 도 모르는

han namja ga isso nol nomu saranghan
han namja ga isso saranghae maldo mothanun
ni kyote son nemilmyo ggok taulgoriye
jashinboda agginun nol kachi nega isso

hanyuhjagaisso ironal morunun
sarangpadumyonso saranginjul do morunun

There's a man. Who loves you so much.
There's a man. Who can't even say I love you.
By your side I put my hand out and
at a path were you can always reach me
I, who cherishes you more than myself, am with you.

There's a girl, who doesn't know I'm like this.
Who receives love but doesn't even know that it is love.

p to the s: entry on convo later... it's not like any of you care...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Messed Up

Okay, right now it's 2.52am and I got a lot of things to be done tomorrow...

1. I need to wash my shoes early in the morning (due to some stupid kids making a cilibo or chili paste a blowing bomb dirtying everything in 1meter radius, should've slap that stupid kid real hard) and since it's a sport shoes (running shoes while at it) the paste even got into the inside of the shoes through the breathing vents...
2. I got to send my baby for next service... it's gonna be minor service and I'm suspecting like RM200++ will grow wings and fly out of my wallet...
3. I got class in the evening, straight right to the night...

and right now, I'm still not asleep... and now, i might not be able to sleep because I'm too worried if I'm not waking up early tomorrow (which is kinda weird, shouldn't I be asleep if I'm worried about not waking up early tomorrow??)

heck, it'll be a tiresome day... there's more... on thursday got to drive to Kuantan for my convo... hell yeah, it's gonna be an awesome and tiresome weekend... or maybe, not only awesome... also awe-"a whole lot"... hehe...

ouh, please dont think what i mean by awesome or awe-"a whole lot" is i'm gonna get a chance of meeting 'her'... though I'll admit I might be happy (if anything goes well), but it also might be awful... and I'm not looking forward for the happy things, but more to awful stuffs...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ooooooo crappppp!!!!!!

I'm very very very da lucky tonite... my baby almost kissed a vios in front... i'm lucky i'm not in wira... damn traffic... and more lucky when another wira brake till his brake is locked up and screech, almost kiss my baby's a$$ but manage to steer away from my baby... or else, i'm going to be in traffic station tonite... phew...

the story is, the traffic on the Sultan Mahmud Bridge is smooth as silk at 65km/h when suddenly it comes to a sudden stop... somehow, the vios in front of me managed to do that sudden stop, and i depressed the brake as hard as possible not in sudden manner to avoid the car behind me kissing my baby's a$$... I managed to stop in time however not for wira behind my baby... isk.... lucky for it to escape by changing lane... plus, not many cars on the road too... if not, well... i'll be in the police station yet again...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Baby

Yaaaa.... lot of people have ask me to put up these photos of my baby... but sorry everyone for the lateness... good cameras is hard to come... plus, i'm out of cam for quite sometime when my phone broke and now I already got the replacement (gonna post it up for review later)...

so, like what Lenka said, "just enjoy the show"

You can see the scratch from up here... ouch... dont know where it comes from...


Shineeeeeeeyyyy.... errrr... bkn k-boy band SHINee ek... Banjak banjak~~~

My fierce baby, brought me up to 180km/h already...

A little chip on the bonet... small stones fly with the car at high speed... damn...

For better resolution and clearer view and larger piccas, please visit this album in photobucket or my facebook photos...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

''Dikesempatan ini ak ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri & maaf zahir batin kepada semua yang mengenali diri ini. Raya ni jemput la datang kerumah kalo knl rumah. Kalo xknl pandai2 kome la ye.''

p to s: entry ni dlm bm psl ak mls nk pk ayat & baru pas satu beskal eksiden by himself. Pdn muka penunggang tersebut. Bwk beskal laju2 lg. Ap ko igt ko mat rempit la... Keadaan penunggang tersebut ok, tp ak saspek die kene concussion psl die pening xleh bgn n bila da bgn beliau pgg kepala. Kepala terantuk. Hahaha... Skali lg, pdn muka beliau.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Latest Info: Re-union SMKATJ '99

this is the latest information on reunion of SMKATJ '99 students (PMR '01, SPM '03). The event will be held on 23rd September 2009 (4th Syawal) at Batu Burok Beach Resort. For those who hasn't confirmed their attendance, we ask you to do so asap...

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

A very old song... haha... very nice one... heard this on How I Met Your Mother before on Episode 17 of Season 2, Arrivederci Fiero...

p to the s: please sing in the slang of at least Canadian... but it's Scottish, sound similar though... hahahahahaha...

When I wake up, well I know i'm gonna be,
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next you
When I go out, yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you
If I get drunk, well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you
And if I haver up, Yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

When I'm working, yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's working hard for you
And when the money, comes in for the work I do
I'll pass almost every penny on to you
When I come home(When I come home), well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who comes back home to you
And if I grow-old,(When I grow-old) well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's growing old with you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

da da da (da da da)
da da da (da da da)

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da

da da da (da da da)
da da da (da da da)

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da

When I'm lonely, well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's lonely without you
And when I'm dreaming, well I know I'm gonna dream
I'm gonna Dream about the time when I'm with you
When I go out(When I go out), well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you
And when I come home(When I come home), yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who comes back home with you
I'm gonna be the man who's coming home with you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

da da da (da da da)
da da da (da da da)

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da

da da da (da da da)
da da da (da da da)

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da

da da da (da da da)
da da da (da da da)

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da

da da da (da da da)
da da da (da da da)

Da Da Da Dun Diddle Un Diddle Un Diddle Uh Da

And I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

I'm amazed...

I know how Howcast channel from Youtube can be so random. They got tips from the simplest things on earth up until the most complex thing you could think of, including hitting women...

However, it never occured to me that they'll make something like this... a how-to video on fasting for Ramadhan... it's actually pretty nice tips... except for one thing that they might be misunderstood or maybe a different teachings from us, the perfume is not forbidden though not encouraged...


Sunday, September 6, 2009


Upon 6th September 2009, I realized something weird about me and it ain't good...

At 5am, it's sahur time... I am still asleep and suddenly I had this weird dream with blurry vision. It seems to be like I'm off from my bed, open the door out of my room without any particular reason or objectives. I just do it without any intention of going out and it's all blurry... And yes, I am confident that I am still in my sleep mode and I am confident that I am dreaming at that time.

After a while, I sensed something is wrong... And I opened my eyes and at that particular time, it's pretty much like I was waking up... and to my surprise, I'm already at the dining table with foods in front of me... LOL... I sleepwalk to sahur!!!!!!!! Luckily I still didn't feed myself yet. God knows what would happen if I'm sleepeating... ROFLOL...

And, for whatever reason... this actually proves, I sleepwalk... arghhhhhhhh....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My weight is reduced, again...

Yeah, believe it or not... Somehow i manage to pull this off... last time when I was in Penang, my weight is 89.5KG....

Last month it downed to 85.3KG... And tonite, I weigh myself again... I'm on 82.9KG... Marvellous......... hahahahahahahaha....

In 2 months, I manage to pull off around 7KG.... Wallaaaauuuuuuuuu..... Congratulations to myself...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Will You Marry Me???

Marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know

Taylor Swift - Love Story

p to the s: This has nothing to do me getting married or proposal to anyone... I'm just bored... @_@

Monday, August 24, 2009

overwhelming of awesomeness...

Sometimes we search for one thing but discover another

And I did found something very important about myself


Sunday, August 23, 2009

There's Gotta Be Somebody For Me Out There...

This is what I feel...

This time I wonder what it feels like
To find the one in this life
The one we all dream of
But dreams just aren't enough
So I´ll be waiting for the real thing.
I'll know it by the feeling.
The moment when we´re meeting
will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen
So I`ll be holdin’ my own breath
Right up to the end
Until that moment when
I find the one that I'll spend forever with

`Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There`s gotta be somebody for me like that.

`Cause nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere.
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.

Tonight, out on the street out in the moonlight
And dammit this feels too right
It´s just like Déjà Vu
Me standin’ here with you
So I´ll be holdin`my own breath
Could this be the end?
Is it that moment when
I find the one that I'll spend forever with?

‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There´s gotta be somebody for me like that.

`Cause nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.

You can´t give up!
Lookin´ for that diamond in the rough
You never know but when it shows up
Make sure you´re holdin` on
‘Cause it could be the one, the one you´re waiting on

‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
And everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Someone to love with my life in their hands.
There has gotta be somebody for me

Nobody wants to do it on their own
And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There`s gotta be somebody for me out there.

Nobody wants to be the last one there
'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
Is there somebody else that feels the same somewhere?
There has gotta be somebody for me out there.

Nickelback - Gotta Be Somebody

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Lately i somehow being insomniac, cant sleep at nite. Only very late at nite... I dont know why... huhuhuhu... Right now, i'm trying to make myself sleepy so that I can sleep and wake up for sahur on time later... arghhhhhh... tired of this...

Anyway, other than being insomniac I also dont know what to write in here so I guess I'll just ramble and rustle in here until I fell asleep. emmmm... currently i'm in big dilemma and frustration... should I change my career field to sports after this??? seeing how easy I could get a job in this field right now and how hard it is to be an engineer... yes, i always said "go with the flow"... in fact, whatever i've achieved today is the results of "go with the flow"... But, after I get a degree from "go with the flow" it seems to be a little waste if I dont go and pursue for engineering job. but then, job in engineering is also quite hard to get right now (or is it me that not looking hard enough????) and I can also do good in coaching and managing... so, what should i do??? which way should I choose???

but that seems to be more like dilemma rather than frustration... so, there must be something else that I'm frustrated about. yup... may be when someone said I was once special suddenly now thinking i'm boring, i dont know... may be it's just me being more boring or suddenly there's someone more interesting than me.... i guess, i just miss being someone's need and be able to see that someone happy after her needs is fulfilled...

Whatever it is, I just want to put my mind at rest. Because there're still tomorrows to think about that'll surely bring more dilemmas to me... aihhhhh... i'm in soooooooo negative state... can someone come and cheer me up, bring the sunshine upon my face and make me happy once more??? why why why????

should i take whatever moral of the story from How I Met Your Mother??? let go and just wait for the answer??? screw the plan. because we can't design our life??? like i designed a digital thermometer for my microcontroller project??? or maybe not.... people keep saying failing to plan is planning to fail... but what if whatever we planned is keep on failing???? or is it we planned things wrong??? i dont know... i'm out of ideas... hahahaha...

maybe, i should just stop and get that teaching job... huh... Happy Fasting!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Falcon 4.0 Allied Force + FreeTrack Demonstration

Hi all,

I did promise you guys before the demo video for a game using FreeTrack so that you can see how good they are. Here's my demo from one of the campaign mission.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Microsoft Windows Se7en RC1 Build 7100

Hi all, it's been a while...

People has been talking that Win7 have been very great and improved a lot from Vista, but we never know until we take it for a spin in our own world and laptop. But not all people would love to test a software (OS especially) before it goes to final version of it. However, I've decided to give up Vista and try the magnificent 7 of Microsoft.

Before we goes up to anything, up until the time of this article written, there will be 20 more days before the download links are removed from Microsoft Windows' website. So, after you finish reading this article and decided to take it a spin on your own, please do it so in the next 20 days or you'll miss the fun.

The Start

Let's get started. I've tried to download the installation image disc from Microsoft but what happen is the so called download manager by Microsoft using Java is a BS and a total mess up. The download keeps on disconnecting and failing every now and then. So, I decided to go for alternative way. Go out, buy an installation DVD (though it is very expensive in Terengganu, it's RM20!!! but better than nothing) and get a valid serial key from Microsoft. In order to obtain the validation key, all you need to do is register a Microsoft account (be it Hotmail or Windows Live) and you'll get the key.

Next, before we install it we need to make sure that your computer is able to run the Windows. Roughly, your computer must have these hardwares:-
  • 1GHz X86 or X64 (be it AMD or Intel) Processor
  • 1GB RAM for x86 or 2GB RAM for x64 system
  • 16GB HDD space for 32-bit system (x86) or 20GB HDD space for 64-bit system (x64)
  • DirectX9 graphic with WDDM 1.0 and higher
Practically, most of our recent computer should be able to run Win7 without problems especially when you are able to run Vista. As for our test bed, the system will have
  • AMD Turion64 X2 TL-62 (2.10GHz)
  • 250GB HDD (with 32GB free space)
  • nForce n630/GeForce 7150M chipsets.
  • DVD writer drive
Now, it's time to start installing the new Win7. Since, i'm starting from Vista I guess an upgrade option is a wiser choice so we dont have to backup most of the stuff in this 125GB partition. It's just a click here and there installation process, however it takes almost two and a half hour for the installation process to complete. It does take quite a long time compared to Vista installation. However, the long process is once and for all.

The Desktop

The desktop of the magnificent 7

Once the installation is finished, looking at the desktop... It really does look nicer in the picture rather than having them in our own monitor. The boxy taskbar, the glass effects even when the windows is maximized, it does look weird at first. I personally like the looks of Vista however, I like the functions provided by Se7en. So, let's just bear with it first.

The desktop icons are hidden as I like my desktop clean like that. However, the functionality, the looks and other stuff about the icons is pretty much the same as Vista. So, i dont worry much about that. The difference of Se7en and Vista before on the desktop other than having a different taskbar, the gadget is not stuck with sidebar anymore. The sidebar window pane has gone now and the gadgets looks more free now, however the concept is still the same with Vista's sidebar. You can drop it anywhere on desktop you just organized them on the edge of your monitor.

Next, is the taskbar. The taskbar now evolved more than ever. The quicklaunch menu is removed and all your program running listing is not the same anymore. You can pin any of your favourite programs to your taskbar and launch it directly from taskbar. However, you dont have to worry about the clutter on your taskbar as the list is already incorporated into the button. So, if you already pin a program, no more additional stuff to show the program is runnning, only a highlight of that button. However, a new button will appear and disappear if unpinned application is opened and closed.

The start menu is not pretty much difference from Vista. So, how does it performed compared to Vista???? Is it any good????

The Start Menu

The Performance

A simple 770MB copying from one partition into another partition of same disc is quite fast, clocking less than a minute rated up to 15.5MB/s is unachievable in my Vista SP1 before. Win7 is surprisingly responsive compared to Vista. Everything feels so light and opening My Computer is faster than any other OS I've used before. So, after all it does improved slightly. Also, when one process is hogging up CPU resources and hanged other process can effectively running without much problem although running at slower speed but still better than slowing down all the way that it becomes nonoperational.

The temperature is slightly reduced to. I havent seen my CPU temperature dropped until 56°C and the GPU is right under 72°C while idling. Playing video could bring the CPU up to 64°C and GPU till 78°C. Well, it's reduced by few degrees as before playing a mere video is good enough to bring it till 80°C++


New features and functions has come as well. If you want to stack up two windows for comparison, you dont have to resize them manually, instead you can just drag the windows to the edge of the monitor and everything is done for you. The Flip3D is retained with better performance and smoother operations. The windows preview from taskbar has become more powerful. You can preview the thumbnail from the taskbar directly, even if you have multiple windows and if you hover the mouse over one thumbnail, a real preview on the desktop is then shown.

Windows preview on the desktop, note the glass effects showing that there's another windows on the desktop

The Compatibility

The biggest haunt of operating system industry for us users and consumers is compatibility. Will newer OS be compatible with my existing softwares and hardwares??? Microsoft claimed that whatever they found running on Vista will run on Win7. However, they dont mentioned about the one running on Vista with compatibility settings and UAC off. So, I put some old software to the test. I've tried running Adobe Photoshop CS, Maxis' The Sims (all expansions is there) and a very old game Dark Colony. While Photoshop CS is a little bit unstable on this Win7, it is operatable. Dark Colony which run successfully in Vista with Windows XP SP2 compatibility also run successfully in this version of OS. However, as for The Sims that managed to run well on Vista without any tweak failed to run successfully without tweaks. You can play but you can't save. Error shows up and the game is not saved. However, with compatibilty settings set to Windows XP SP3, everything is settled and the game ran without a problem. But I still cant get my Daemon Tools to run. After all, whatever is running in Vista, will run on Win7. However, since this is a release candidate and not final I would like to see some improvement on compatibility especially with Photoshop CS.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0.12

As for the hardware compatibility, as what Microsoft said, whatever run on Vista will run on Win7 seems to be true. None of my hardware is having problem . Everything works like charm even on Vista's driver (or perhaps the windows already replaced the driver with another driver?) Also, the system rating rated by Windows has improved. In Vista, I got 3.0 score while in this Win7, it improved to 3.1... not a major improvement, but still it means something. It means that Win7 can run more effective on low-end system after all compared to Vista.

The Problems

It all looks great. Doesn't seem to much buggy after all. But major bugs is still there haunting any new OS without great solution. First one to notice is the all new Windows Media Player 12. One of the features from WMP12 is it have 2 modes, one for now playing and another is Library list modes. The now playing works like charm with lower CPU usage compared to WMP11 in Vista. But when you switch to library mode, everything is so messed up. It tries to rebuild the database of your media files everytime you run the WMP12 that it consumed 50% of cpu resources plus it'll hanged. It seems this is one of the biggest bug the WMP12 is having right now and everyone tried to stay away from it for the time being. Next is the Indexing Service. Indexing Service is used by Windows to make the search faster and easier but it comes at a great cost of performance. This has even existed in Vista and caused minor performance problem and some even choose to stop the service. This service is retained in Win7 for it's usefullness but it still buggy. It consumed 100% of the CPU usage while indexing forcing me to stop the service and not to use it at all. That's the only two problems noted in this OS so far.

The Conclusions

So, how good is the magnificent 7? will it worth the wait rather than buying original Vista right now? I would say, if you want a great OS, dont go and spend your RM300 on original Vista right now. It's better if you wait for this Windows Se7en to be finalized and released for retail. The windows is great and good enough compared to Vista. Despite being a release candidate, I'd use this as my main OS without any second thought. This is pretty much a good OS.

The Pros
  • Stable and good despite few compatibility issue. Again, being a release candidate it is expected.
  • Performed better than Vista. Improvement is seen.
The Cons
  • The Indexing Service is very bad.
  • WMP12 is very buggy on the library mode

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Head Tracking Unit with FreeTrack

TrackIR 4 Pro camera

Ever heard TrackIR??? I bet none of us have ever heard that except for those who are very concern about their gaming experience. Well, the story goes like this. Some hardcore gamers find out their control of perspective (using mouse for First Person Shooter, or Joystick's Point-Of-View Hat for Flight Sim, or buttons for racing sim) is not enough to cope with their needs of awareness sensitivity and sometimes information overloading start to burden these pilots. They need something that can upgrade their situational awareness so that they are aware of what happening around them (to check his 6 o'clock for bandits let's say).

Then, TrackIR comes with the solution manufactured a head tracking device. This device will track your head movement and they will simulate the movement into the game's perspective. TrackIR is using a specially developed camera to detect either the reflection of infrared from another source or the infrared beam itself. The reflector or the source of infrared often put into a baseball cap. This solution is great giving a player the luxury of natural head movement in looking around, but the solution is expensive. Especially for us Malaysian that will needs to order the device right from US.

However, another alternative solution is available right in the net. FreeTrack is a program that will provide you the ability to track your head movement as in TrackIR however it is not an expensive solution. The program is available totally for free. The only thing you need to spend is the hardware for the program to detect your head movement.

My 1 point cap configuration circuit

I've been experimenting with this tonight and what I say it is brilliant and nothing less compared to TrackIR (from the vids that I've saw saying they're using TrackIR). The head movement is quite natural if you can calibrate it perfectly. I'll upload a video of the demo later. Let's talk about the hardware of the head tracking device first.

What we need is LEDs, resistors, wire, and battery. Of course to assemble a circuit you gonna need soldering iron. The amount of LEDs and resistors needed depends on the configuration. FreeTrack supported 4 types of configs, 1 point cap mount, 3 point clip mount, 3 point cap mount, 4 point cap mount. 1 point cap configuration will give you 2DOF, that is up-down and left-right. With 3 point clip, 3 point cap and 4 point cap you can get 6DOF those are up-down, left-right, roll, x plane movement, y plane movement and z plane movement. However, 4 point cap is a little hard to assemble so I tried to assemble a 3 point cap mount as it is not ideal to create a clip for that. However, after few test I found that 3 point cap configuration is a little bit hard to calibrate as 1 tracking point usually will be out of sight after few degree turn. So, I then change my plan to 1 point cap configuration.

My prototype of head tracking device

FreeTrack do recommend to use infrared LEDs, however a simple visible red light LEDs is good enough for tracking purpose.

Another important hardware is a webcam. A normal regular webcam is good enough. You can get them in computer store cheaply. Not even for hundred bucks. Logitech's webcam is good but you can save the money if you are playing on your laptop with a built-in webcam.

Total cost for hardware will depends on your configuration and without the battery, it won't reach RM10. Plus webcam, it should not be more than RM90. I bet, this could be done only within RM50 budget.

As for the software part, you can download it from FreeTrack Website and a little config is needed. First you need to set various settings of your camera like brightness, contrast all to zero. And when you push the button start in the software interface you'll adjust the threshold until you can only see one tracking dot(s) marked with a cross. Then, you can adjust the sensitivity.

The interface of FreeTrack, notice one white dot in the blackbox, that's the tracking dot detected by the camera

I tested my 2DOF 1 point cap with Falcon 4.0: Allied Force (a really complicated flight sim) and it comes out great. I can check my six faster than before and never actually lost track of a bandit with its radar locking on my six. I even managed to figure out what to do (which I never did before due to info overload, again this is a very complicated flight sim that would take months to master with 800 pages of manual) and bring down that MiG-29 to its doom. However, I still need a few more practice with this device until I came to master the control. Well, with only few minutes of practice I can actually figure out to make the bandit overshoot and bring him down with my AIM-9L, it's very good. Before this I can't even shake them off. Haha....

So, instead of spending USD99.90 or RM359.40 (and that is without tax and import duty) it is really worth it to spend half an hour making this and spend another RM50 for a webcam.

p to the s: a review on the Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is coming soon. Wait for it. Like I said, it would take months of training to dogfight in this game effectively. It's pretty much like flying the real F16 out there without the hard 7G giving you GLOC.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another vid from Infinity Challenge, Future Liger (MC Yoo and TJK)

I dont know what song they parodied this time but I think this could be an original. Parody of Lollipop MV is in here... LOL... cant help...

Credit to CJWTown

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apple iPhone... Is it really worth it???

It seems to be that recently, Apple iPhone is one of the latest hit gadgets in the world. Everyone wants to own an iPhone. It have become part of the world's latest lifestyle. But it only come exclusively with carrier packaged subscription. Luckily for us Malaysian, we now can have a taste and feel the luxury of iPhone brought by Maxis with their own iPhone package subscription. The big question is, is it worth it????

I don't really want to touch the rate that Maxis brings in for the iPhone subscription, but the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) as stated by Maxis and the price tag used by them to sell the iPhones without the discounts that come with the subscription to their Hotlink prepaid customers. The RRP for iPhone 3G 8GB currently offered by Maxis is RM1990 while iPhone 3GS 16GB is RM2490 and iPhone 3GS 32GB is RM2990.

But, if we check the details given by Apple, the RRP for iPhone 3G 8GB currently is at USD99 which means ~RM350 (given the current rate at the time of writing as in the knowledge of the author is USD1 = RM3.60) and as for the iPhone 3GS 16GB is USD199 or ~RM716.

So, comparing to what Maxis offered us is ~6 times the original price quoted by Apple for iPhone 3G and ~4 times the original price of iPhone 3GS... What happen? What makes the price gone crazy like that? Is it the tax? Is it the import duty?

If it is the import duty, why Nokia could sell their Tube (5800XM) at ~RM1.5k while being USD350, way more expensive compared to iPhone 3GS... Or is it because iPhone is 100% imported and Tube is assembled in Malaysia??? I dont really know about that.

But, as far as the ridiculousnous goes for Maxis' pricetag on iPhone I would say stay away from a phone that is so sophisticated yet can't use MMS service until recently.... Because for me, it is totally not worth it to pay RM2.5k but can't even use a simple basic features like MMS (again, until recently) and until the reason why the price tag difference is too much by Maxis is revealed, I think it might be a good reason not to buy an iPhone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shower at nite = Pneumonia?????

First of all... *blow* *wipe* *sweep*...*cough cough*...

okay now... more than one week... hehehehe...

for now, another controversial theory from our ancestor... You go take shower or bath at nite, you'll catch pneumonia (paru2 berair... bukak wiki kalo xtau....) for sure... if not now, there'll be the old time... hmmm... I'd like to catch your attention... Some say that you get pneumonia from the cold ambient and water temperature when you shower... anologous to an iced water in a glass, condensation occur, vapour in the air becomes water on the glass surface.... while the lungs is hotter containing hotter air than ambient temperature making the vapour in the air condensate and water droplets formed in the lungs.

there's one article saying that most of pneumonia patient have one favourite sport activity that usually played at night, it's Badminton (really, it's bad for your health than.. it's already said BADminton) since they usually played at night, after the game before they go to sleep they usually take a shower... same as most athlete in this case... most athlete will have night training session so before sleep they usually take shower... I was once an athlete, once a sport team manager, i know my players' activities and my activity...

So, is it true that you'll catch pneumonia if you take shower at nite???? some says doctors dont recommend it and some says doctors said it's ok... which one we want to believe??? is it a myth? or is it true???

let's see, what is PNEUMONIA actually... From Wikipedia (yeah, I know wikipedia is not 100% accurate and yadda yadda yadda, present another article from another reliable source then...) on Pneumonia, Pneumonia is an inflamotary illness of lungs and often described as lung parenchyma or alveolar inflammation and abnormal alveolar filling with fluids... The cause of pneumonia are virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and another one is idiopathic where the cause is unknown (no wonder it sounds like idiot, it trully is)

So, there's no statement saying definitively that taking shower late at nite will cause pneumonia... maybe it can go under idiopathic, but since the doctors and the experts can't even determine it thus the name of idiopathic we can't definitely says taking shower late at nite is one of the cause of pneumonia...

It is however, based on article from Google... it seems to be true that a badminton player will catch pneumonia... Allahyarham Datuk Sidek is said from few articles having combo of pneumonia, diabetes, hypertensions and the ultimate is the kidney failure. Is it true that the pneumonia he's having is caused by taking shower late at nite after training his kids or just simply because of it is BADminton??? haha... just kidding... dont be mad... what i'm saying here is, is it definitely the late nite shower or is it because of something else seeing he got a cocktail... I've tried to find another article saying an athlete having pneumonia but so far, we haven't heard Misbun, Jailani, Rashid, Razif, Beckham, Datuk Lee Chong Wei, and other famous athletes catched pneumonia... I dont know, my be it's just me.... If you got some articles, let me know... however, what i'm thinking here is, the pneumonia is actually not from shower late at nite but simply because the way the shower is taken here is not really correct. Or it can also be other reasons from staying out late at nite.

One of the tips taking shower or bath is, you wet your body from down below and come up to your head. This way your body would've take the least shock from temperature change. Also, it would be bad if you taking shower straight away with your body all sweaty... you should let the sweat dry first before step into the shower... So, what's the verdict here???

But then, the anology of iced water in a glass... it does make sense isn't it??? well, then it could be simply solved by taking shower with warm water. How's about that??? Oooo crap... it's the ambient temperature is too low... But then, warm water??? it should reduce the effect compared to cold water right???

I've read one article about shower late at nite in Utusan Malaysia in Kesihatan pull out... The doctor they interviewed says that it's ok to take shower late at nite... He even recommended few ways to take shower... It is recommended to take shower maximum 20min. But depends on the individuals, it can be reduced if the individu has illness related to coldness (as in temperature) like flu or some other illness, or even simply because you can't stand the cold water... the individu can take a shower in 5min or 10min... if you have water heater at home, it's recommended to take the shower with warm water especially if you can't stand cold water. After the shower, make sure you dry your body and hair with tower thoroughly or you'll catch cold or flu afterwards because of extended exposure to cold temperature.

And come to think of it, isn't prolonged cold and flu could cause infections in the sinus and moved to the lungs also which could lead to pneumonia too????

Leave your comment if you get some good ideas to be discussed...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

To All SMKATJ Students Batch 1999...

To all students of SMKATJ batch 1999, PMR 2001 and SPM 2003... This announcement is for you...

We are planning a reunion for all of us to meet and reminisce the old days. Planned date is on 24th September 2009 (might change with notice) and the venue is TBA... For that purpose, we are surveying who can attend the reunion for better planning in the future. All students from the batch, no matter from any class, be it Al-Furqan, Al-Kauthar, Al-Qalam, An-Nur, bla, bla, bla (forgot already maaaaa....) you can join...

So, if you want to join or have any suggestion on the matter please contact me by either leaving a comment on this entry, leaving a message on my cbox, friendster, facebook or just email me... Please provide your full name, your email address, and your phone number. I'm looking forward to a big crowd of SMKATJ '99 on that day...

Please pass this down to anyone from our batch that you know of...

Quite Bored....

Niga neomu bogoshipeun naren
Neomu kyeondigi himdeul nareneun
Neoreul saranghanda ipgae maemdola
Honja da shi tto crying for you
Honja da shi tto missing for you
Baby! I love you! I'm waiting for you!

the days that i miss u so much
the days when it so hard to bear
the words "i love you" are dancing on my lips
alone once again crying for you
alone once again missing for you

-SS501 - Because I'm Stupid - Kkot Boda Namja OST -

Friday, June 19, 2009

To whoever know this car...

Proton Perdana with registration number PEA 5209 kissed my baby's a$$ this afternoon... causing one little scratch. If you know where to look for this car, let me know... I have one evil plan... hahahahahahaha....

the driver is a woman (which looks like a datin wannabe... supposely a stupid malay...) ignorant enough to just drive away after kissing my baby... if you love ur car, better keep it safe right beside you... sleep with ur car if possible...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's time to boycott KFC????

It's not because israel products, or american products or anything like that... it's quality issue... KFC's food quality nowadays are very bad despite the price and the cleanliness 'A' grade...

Yesterday, I bought KFC as my dinner and one of the item is my favorite Zinger... What happen is, without me realizing they give me a very old Zinger... the burger has already shrunk, the bun is hardened... the cheese is already dried out... and of course and as usual, the vege is already blackened...

It is beyond edible... I dont know how long have the burger is made but I can be very sure it's probably already been 24hrs... since it is a take away, so i can't give any complaint to them coz no proof... and i'm not bother to go back to the restaurant again... plus, my cam is already dead... so no picture too.... ARGHHHHHHH.... go to hell...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tony Ahn (Former H.O.T) - Yutzupracachia

It's been a while since I post a video here... This time, it's Tony Ahn... once in H.O.T being cute singing Candy... haha...

Credit to ButterflyLadyDee686

"Kad offline la dik..."

There's this one petrol station, selling Petronas petrol... one of the large and important petrol station from Petronas in Penang located in Kampung Jawa... complete with ATM and credit card payment machine at the pump...

But, unfortunately... I dont own a credit card, only debit cards... so, I have to pay at the counter... But, everytime I go to the counter, "kad offline la dik..." "kad offline la dik..." "kad offline la dik..."

WTF??? or as Azeem would say, watdepak???? you better throw away your machine la if you want to provide such service... annoying you know...

what's worse, the credit card payment machine at the pump is out of order too... then the machine at the counter is also offline... again, watdepak??? how people suppose to pay when they dont have cash???

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Broken Handphone...

My Samsung SGH-E250 is now officially announced as broken... This slider has help me through thick and thin for a long long time... the navigational button is not working anymore... no input even the button is pressed hard...

I need a replacement... huhu...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I dont know... Just Feeling Like Rambling Here...

Niga neomu bogo shipeun nal en
Neomu kyeondigi himdeul naleneun
Neoreul saranghanda ibgae maemdola
Honja da shi ddo CRYING FOR YOU
Honja da shi ddo MISSING FOR YOU
Baby! I love you! I’m waiting for you!

-SS501 - Because I'm Stupid -
-Kkot Boda Namja OST-

Monday, June 8, 2009

To Anonymous Cowards...

Quoted from one of my anonymous reader's comment...

"KUALA TERENGGANU: An eleventh-hour decision to use a space frame design for the roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium could have led to its collapse on Tuesday morning.

A decision was made at the last minute to cover the grandstand area with a space frame roofing to add a "curvy, grandeur and sophisticated" look to it.

The source said this, coupled with a looming deadline for the opening of the Malaysia Games, was a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen.

"It was done in a hurry and everyone in the engineering field knows that a space frame design is not an easy thing to build. Besides the difficulty involved, it is also a more expensive option," the source said.
According to civil engineering terms, a space frame is constructed from interlocking struts in a geometrical pattern using steel tubes.

-Quote from The New Straits Times Online, 4th June 2009-"

"Nice" comment for spaceframe design. But why not ask the people who really know?

Just wanna tell you guys... this is the last time I'm attending to such cowardly anonymous comment. After this, anonymous comment like this either will be treated as rubbish or it will be ignored...

Okay, i take it "Nice" comment as not a really nice comment... so, if i'm wrong (which i am 100% sure i am not) please let me know...

In this case, I'm quoting the things from The New Straits Times Online (at least what he is quoting from my entry) and they already said the "the source" is someone who is involved in the project... so, I hope you can accept that... the reason I'm quoting from newspaper is they are the easiest source of something big like this.... So, if you have problems with it, suck it... dont read it, ignore the entry and wait for another entry on another issues...

again, i state here... I'm not a civil engineer, nor someone involved in the project... so, when you read my comments, my thought on something... please and please and please... dont be a sponge... absorb everything I'm giving here... If there are wrong info that you know of, leave me a message so I can make a correction... dont do such impression "aiyaaa... this guy just nk hantam2 gomen je... dont care for wrong info..." I am not a guy who can't accept his own mistakes... so, if you know the truth just state it include the statement quote and I'll publish it here... and do not make it Anonymous... as it most likely being ignored after this because I'm not giving any attention to cowardly comment...

Also, when I make a comment based on newspaper report, please treat it as newspaper report too... newspaper reports tend to mess up few details, so do i when making comments especially based on an already messed up newspaper reports....

So, rather than telling me to ask someone who already knew... why dont you go and check my source if they're already from someone that already knew... if not, come and tell me... if yes, deal with it...


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Few Investigation Results on Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin's Roof

He said the defects were spotted during the opening of Malaysian Games (Sukma) and the state PWD was alerted about it.Ahmad said he had chaired several meetings with PWD officials and told them to expedite the remedial works.The Armed Forces, he said, also reported that the structure was unstable when they attempted to abseil from the roof during the opening ceremony of the stadium last year.

Ahmad revealed that he had personally spotted defects on the airport roof which required immediate remedial works.

“The finishing at the airport looks shoddy,” he said.

-Quoted from The Star Online, 4th June 2009-

KUALA TERENGGANU: Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Said, semalam mempersoalkan kelewatan Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) membaiki kerosakan struktur bumbung Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin yang runtuh kelmarin, sedangkan masalah itu sudah dikesan sebelum Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) Ke-12 diadakan di situ setahun lalu.

Bagaimanapun, katanya, JKR tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan susulan seperti dijanjikan dan hanya mengadakan mesyuarat dua minggu lalu selepas beliau menghubungi jabatan berkenaan seminggu sebelum itu bagi mengingatkan perkara berkenaan kerana stadium itu akan diserahkan kepada kerajaan negeri, November ini.

Ahmad berkata, Exco juga memutuskan supaya JKR membuat pemeriksaan segera terhadap beberapa prasarana lain yang baru disiapkan, termasuk Lapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud (LTSM), Pusat Akuatik Batu Burok dan Stadium Tertutup Negeri bagi mengelak sebarang kejadian buruk.

"Saya nampak bangunan berkenaan (seperti) ada yang tak kena... tak betul. Kita bimbang kerana ada atap bangunan LTSM yang tercabut... mungkin sebab ribut dan kebocoran juga berlaku.

-Quote from Berita Harian Online, 4th June 2009-

KUALA TERENGGANU: An eleventh-hour decision to use a space frame design for the roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium could have led to its collapse on Tuesday morning.

A decision was made at the last minute to cover the grandstand area with a space frame roofing to add a "curvy, grandeur and sophisticated" look to it.

The source said this, coupled with a looming deadline for the opening of the Malaysia Games, was a recipe for a disaster waiting to happen.

"It was done in a hurry and everyone in the engineering field knows that a space frame design is not an easy thing to build. Besides the difficulty involved, it is also a more expensive option," the source said.
According to civil engineering terms, a space frame is constructed from interlocking struts in a geometrical pattern using steel tubes.

-Quote from The New Straits Times Online, 4th June 2009-

So, after all... to summarize this, Defects spotted since SUKMA's Grand Opening, means JKR have one year to rectify this but no action taken... The root cause is still, the rush works due to SUKMA's timeline and because you want to boast to other people, you decide to use something expensive, sophisticated yet hard to build but you want to build it in rush... not much research could be done... Well, what a complete disaster recipe...

JKR is totally screwed up this time... and now, the Airport got structure problems too... Well, until there'll be one death, JKR will keep having the free spirit and yeah, until then I hope there'll be no more JKR... You guys have screwed too many buildings...

And yeah, projek mee maggie should not be initiated anymore... yeah, i know... you guys have a schedule, but if the schedule is not good enough this is what happen you know???? Coz, something like this wouldn't happen if things are not done within it's minimum time... You know, something like building a frame will take minimum 5 days, but optimum is 7 days, then you said "5 days and make it earlier if possible!!!"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sebab Mengapa Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Runtuh....

Spekulasi aku salah sama skali.....

Pada malam sebelum runtuhan berlaku, warga Nebula M78 mengadakan temasya sukan disitu…

Raksasa ketam datang menganggu kerana jeles mereka tidak dibenarkan mengadakan temasya sukan juga…


Conclusion: Len kali Mat Said kene bagi geng2 raksasa ketam wat event jgk....

P to the S: Credit to amidi from JWG Forum V1...

More on Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Collapse

This news has made it to the front page of the newspapers today.

Bumbung Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, Kompleks Sukan Negeri di Gong Badak yang bernilai RM292 juta dan menjadi venue utama Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) 2008 runtuh menyebabkan kira-kira 50 peratus daripada strukturnya musnah.

Kerosakan melibatkan bumbung di bahagian timur stadium sepanjang 400 meter.

Ia menempatkan pintu masuk utama, pintu A, B dan B1 ke tempat duduk awam dan tempat duduk tetamu diraja serta orang kenamaan (VIP).

Tiga pegawai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Terengganu termasuk pengarahnya, Ahmad Sabri Hussin berada di tempat kejadian bagi mengumpul maklumat serta keterangan berhubung kejadian itu.

-Utusan Malaysia Online, 3 Jun 2009-

KUALA TERENGGANU: Sebahagian bumbung Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin di Kompleks Sukan Gong Badak di sini, runtuh semalam menyebabkan timbul pelbagai persoalan kerana stadium bernilai RM292 juta itu baru setahun digunakan.

Dalam kejadian jam 9.30 pagi itu, struktur bahagian bumbung di tempat duduk utama termasuk Pentas Diraja ranap dan menimpa sebuah kereta, tiga motosikal serta sebuah jentera berat yang diletak berhampiran kawasan itu, tetapi tiada kemalangan jiwa dilaporkan.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, ketika mengulas kejadian itu, mengarahkan kerajaan Terengganu melakukan siasatan segera kerana ia tidak sepatutnya berlaku berikutan stadium itu baru disiapkan dan digunakan pada Sukan Malaysia (Sukma), tahun lalu.

“Hal-hal sebegini yang menyebabkan kita tidak berpuas hati... adakah kejadian itu kerana kontraktor, perunding yang tidak melakukannya dengan betul atau pihak yang mengesahkan kerja akhir tidak membuatnya secara teratur.

“Ia mungkin juga disebabkan hal-hal di luar jangkaan yang kita tidak tahu,” katanya pada sidang media selepas merasmikan Majlis Titian Gemilang kelima di Dewan Tunku Canselor, Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Stadium yang boleh memuatkan 50,000 orang itu, dirasmikan oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin pada 10 Mei tahun lalu dan yang pertama di Asia dibina menggunakan sistem bumbung tanpa sokongan tiang.

Muhyiddin berkata, beliau memahami jika kerosakan hanya berlaku sedikit dan bukannya membabitkan keruntuhan yang teruk.

Menteri Besar Terengganu, Datuk Ahmad Said, berkata kejadian itu dianggar membabitkan kerugian kira-kira RM25 juta.

"Memang kita dukacita dengan kejadian ini, tetapi saya bersyukur kerana tidak ada yang cedera. Kebetulan tidak ada sebarang majlis berlangsung dan pekerja yang sedang melakukan kerja pembersihan stadium juga selamat," katanya.

Insiden itu berlaku sehari sebelum Kejohanan Sukan Staff IPTA ke-34 yang sepatutnya bermula hari ini hingga 13 Jun.

Berikutan kejadian itu, kejohanan yang dijadual disempurnakan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin pada 5 Jun, dipindahkan ke beberapa lokasi lain.

Sementara itu, seorang jurutera sebuah syarikat kejuruteraan tempatan yang mahu dikenali sebagai A Mohamed, mendakwa beliau sudah memaklumkan kepada beberapa agensi berkaitan mengenai keadaan struktur bumbung itu yang melengkung.

“Keadaannya semakin ketara sejak beberapa minggu lalu dan saya sudah membuat aduan yang disertakan gambar mengenai keadaan struktur bumbung yang terdedah kepada bahaya, tetapi tiada tindakan diambil.

"Lengkungan pada struktur bumbung tanpa sokongan tiang itu dapat dilihat dari jauh dan setiap kali melihatnya saya bimbang sesuatu yang buruk akan terjadi dan kebimbangan saya menjadi kenyataan hari ini (semalam)," katanya.

Pengarah Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Terengganu, Penguasa Kanan Bomba 1, Pauzan Ahmad, berkata runtuhan itu membabitkan bumbung sepanjang 80 meter daripada keseluruhan 134 meter di kawasan tempat duduk utama termasuk Pentas Diraja.

“Kami mendapat maklumat pada jam 9.45 pagi dan tiga jentera yang bergegas ke tempat kejadian sampai tujuh minit kemudian dan terus membuat penilaian bagi memastikan tiada mangsa terperangkap dan menentukan adakah akan berlaku lagi runtuhan," katanya ditemui di tempat kejadian.

Seorang juruteknik elektrik, Hanafiah Osman, 27, pula berkata dia sedang membaiki lampu jalan di luar stadium itu apabila mendengar bunyi besi berkeriut sebelum struktur bumbung berkenaan runtuh.

"Keadaan ketika itu sungguh mengerikan. Walaupun sedang dalam ketakutan, saya turun dari tiang untuk cuba menyelamatkan kereta saya tetapi sudah terlambat. Rakan saya juga terpaku melihat kemusnahan itu," katanya.

Kereta Perodua Kancil milik Hanafiah yang diletak berhampiran kawasan itu ranap apabila ditimpa runtuhan bumbung itu.

-Berita Harian Online, 3 Jun 2009-

Bold sentences proves my speculation is not just any speculation. People have noticed that and worried, still no action??? And, can't SPRM just wait a little bit until the root cause is determined???? Well, unless you already know that there's corruption involves and you need to cover them up asap, there's no reason for you to be there... at least for the time being. It's not like you are the one who examine the rumbles...

KUALA TERENGGANU: If the roof of the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium had collapsed today instead of yesterday, thousands of lives may have been lost.

The collapsed roof damaged several vehicles in the car park. — NST picture by Rozainah Zakaria
The collapsed roof damaged several vehicles in the car park. — NST picture by Rozainah Zakaria
For the stadium was scheduled to host the Public Institutions of Higher Learning games which would have seen thousands of competitors and spectators packed in the year-old sports arena.

Although no lives were lost, the collapsed roof has left numerous red faces in the state.

Calling it an embarrassment that had tarnished the country's image, Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor lashed out at contractors for not building a proper structure.

Shaziman said the ministry would investigate the cause of the collapse and an in-house consultant would evaluate the damage.
A car and three motorcycles parked outside the stadium were damaged when about 80 metres of the roof collapsed about 9.30am.

Most of the debris crashed onto the grandstand of the RM292 million ringgit stadium.

"People will say that in Malaysia, not only newly constructed buildings collapse, but even ones earmarked for demolition," he said, referring to the collapse of the Jaya Shopping Centre in Petaling Jaya, Selangor on Thursday, which killed seven Indonesian workers and injured two others.

"There should be no compromise when it comes to selecting the best experts for such jobs."

Shaziman was speaking after visiting the site yesterday afternoon. Also present were Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said, state secretary Datuk Mokhtar Nong and several state executive council members.

On opposition politicians' statements that they would lodge a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission on the matter, Shaziman said there was nothing to hide and the ministry would cooperate with the MACC.

Said said the stadium was issued a temporary certificate of fitness by the Public Works Department just before the Malaysian Games last May, although none was required for a government building.

He also estimated damage at RM25 million, adding that a Korean contractor was appointed to construct the roofing structure.

"We don't have the details of why and how it happened but we will wait until the investigations are over," he said, adding that the stadium would be closed until repairs were completed.

He also said the stadium was still under the main contractors', Bina Struktur Sdn Bhd, Emarcon Sdn Bhd and Genggam Mercu, two-year warranty.

-New Straits Times Online, 3 June 2009-

Now I see what SPRM do there... Report has been lodged??

However, the stadium only get temporary CF only for SUKMA... then nothing has been done to re-done the inspection???? No wonder SPRM is there...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin's Roof Collapse... FInally...

Based on latest reports I received, the roof collapsed at 7.30am, 2nd June 2009 without any wind, storm, tsunami nor earthquake... 1 Perdoua Kancil and 4 motorcycles is the only victim. No other casualties reported. I'm still waiting for the pictures from my parents in Terengganu... hopefully they'll come in soon so I can have them in here...

So far, this news only appear in blogs and Berita Harian Online (from what I know). No root cause has been determined so far yet only few speculation from me (and supported by few others) which could be the most valid the true cause of this incident.

  1. The root cause is the weakness either in structural integrity or material defects. It is however, 7 months before this incident (early December 2008) the roof (the one that collapsed already) have few noticable deformation. Few broken supports noticed. Probably due to rush works to catch up with SUKMA 2008, few defects and mistakes were ignored.
  2. The most important thing is, they got more than 6 months to rectify the problem yet at the end of April 2009, the problem is yet to be rectified. I saw them with my own eyes as I was at the stadium that time. So, why the problem hasn't been rectified when you already have more than 6 months before the roof collapsed???? Only they can answer the question...
Anyway, that's only my speculation. I am not an architect nor civil engineer... It's up to you either to believe, think, or dismiss my opinion. But still, 6 months?????

Hopefully more pictures will come in and I can show them here.

updated 2/6/09 2311hrs... picture came in and uploaded... these pictures are not faked...

Grrrrr.... How could something like this happen...

Well, first and foremost... *blow* *blow* *debu berterbangan* haaaaachiuuuu... *sniff* *sniff*... waaaaaaa.... it's already almost one week since last entry... haha... guess, i've become quite busy plus no idea what to push in as new entry...

right now, hmm... a little bit mad... I got work to do with the machine and currently the machine is down... grrrrr... When I want to use it yesterday, it is being used by other team... and when it's free this morning, the machine breakdown already... haiyaaaa... how come this happen r??? what's more frustrating, the technicians said that the vendor will come in for repair in short time (and the vendor is not yet being seen in the lab) and now the machine is restricted for use (with labels, means it probably for a long time)... wonder if it'll make it this evening... but as per schedule, the machine is occupied this evening... looks like i have to postpone my job again... *sigh*