Tuesday, March 31, 2009

medley of my mind...

Dola-bojiman-go tona-gara to narul chaji-malgo sara-gara
Norul sarang-hetgie hu-he-obgie jo-atdon kiog-man gajyo-gara
Gurok-jorok chama-bulman-he gurok-jorok gyon-dyo-nelman-e
Non gurol-surok hengbok-heya-dwe haru-haru mudyo-jyoga-ne

BigBang - Haru Haru

hannamjaga isso nol nomu saranghan
hannamjaga isso saranghae maldo mothanun

Kim Jong Kook - Han Namja

Aisaretai demo aisou to shinai
Sono kurikaeshi no naka wo samayotte
Boku ga mitsukatta kotae wa hitotsu kowakutatte kizutsuitatte
Suki na hito ni wa suki na tsutaerunda

AquaTimes - Sen No Yoru Wo Koete

Monday, March 30, 2009

not in the mood....

ok... i was about to post sumthing sad... but sumone made me sadder... so, now i lost all the mood to post anything... plus, my Ubuntu's Firefox got problem when it open the vid in my blog... so, i am totally not in the mood even to diagnose what happen... so, good nite to all readers....

Tagged by Ida

4 names that friends call you
-> adam
-> mrl
-> master red lion
-> again, adam???

4 most important dates in your life
-> 29 Nov
-> 26 Rabiulawal
-> 12 Rabiulawal

4 things you have done in the last 30 minutes
-> study the basic of PERL
-> looking a way to access the UNIX environment
-> wondering around in JWG V1
-> answering this tag???

4 ways to be happy
-> Be awesome
-> when u get sad, be awesome
-> do awesome things
-> wear awesome clothing

4 people you miss from your past
-> uni friends (that's more than 4 already rite???)

4 gifts you would like to receive
-> new laptop
-> new car
-> new computer
-> new handphone

4 of your favourite hobbies
-> flying in virtual skies of Germany in F-15A
-> answering questions in JWG Computer Geeks Forum
-> watch House M.D, How I Met Your Mother
-> Sudoku???

4 places you want to go for vacation
-> Somewhere awesome
-> Korea
-> NZ
-> Aussie??

4 favourite drinks
-> Black, heavy caffeinated coffee
-> Tea
-> Iced Lemon Tea
-> Lemon Tea

4 things always found in your bag
-> a book
-> a calculator
-> nescafe 3-in-1 Rich
-> earphone

4 favourite colours
-> red
-> blue
-> white
-> black

top 4 hangout
-> somewhere awesome
-> home
-> kedai mamak
-> online

top 4 you love so much
-> parents (xnk jd ank derhaka)
-> family
-> friends
-> who wants me to love them?

top 4 things special to you
-> lappy
-> handphone
-> money
-> home??

top 4 you think will answer this tagged
-> Witz
-> Kayne
-> Belle
-> Andsem (wakil dari JWG)

top 4 reason why you answer this tagged
-> being tagged by ida
-> pening
-> excited (probably high on caffeine... lol...)
-> PERL makes me wanna faint...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Discharged From Hospital...

Yesterday, I got call from HP Hospital saying that my beloved lappy is now discharged and available for collection. and i'm like, yippeeeeee.... i can watch House M.D again, How I Met Your Mother... haha...

Went to the hospital, look at the hardware if there's any malfunction... nope... everything is alright (plus, i'm kinda in a hurry)... the nurse said that they change the processor of the lappy... I wonder how the processor got malfunction when no problem is detected before... no wonder my lappy has become sloppy few days before... thought it was becaused of the memory filled up after not shutting it down for few days (maybe weeks???)

When I got home, switch the lappy back on... weird sound coming out... unbalanced... hmmm... wonder what's wrong... further observation revealed that my lappy's right speaker is muted... huarghhhhhhh.... what happeneddddd?????? okay... relax... relax... let's check the config and the driver first... checking the balance config, yup... my right speaker is muted... huh, my lappy has become disabled???? hoh??? got to apply for OKU privillege then... hehe... okay, further check the config, nothing i can do about it... and then, found out one weird thing... the Num Lock indicator light is on all the time... arghhhhhh... that's mean, sumthing is wrong on the circuit of the right side of the lappy... sumthing must have shorted the circuit, thus muting the speaker and lighting up the indicator... grrrr.... no i have to send it back for check up again... but not in the mean time i think... I wanna spend more time with my lappy... hehehe... luckily, no performance defect despite of the short, and the speaker can be compensated with an external speaker... the audio jack is still working perfectly...

anyway, there's improvement on the temperature of the CPU and GPU... Idling at 50'C++ instead of 60'C before, watching videos at 65'C instead of 70'C before... the GPU is idling at 65'C and 75'C while watching videos, before it was 70'C idling and 88'C watching videos... wahaoooo... so high... well, that's the part that I like...

what about the hospital it is admitted??? my comment??? the job is done very quickly... but quick job will become useless if the patient is incapacitated after treatment... they said they did some test before discharging my lappy... but how do they test??? they dont notice the speaker is unbalanced???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Few Updates...

Few updates have been made to the interface of my blog... waaaa... i think it looks better like this than before...

  • the link to other bloggers is changed to bloglist... it will be easier for people (even me actually) to track which blog have new updates. I dont have to go to each blog anymore to look for updates... hehe... (no updates, no traffic for ur blog then... XP)
  • the cbox is moved to the other side so that it will be the first thing noticed by visitors. with the bloglist, and new section of JWGers Blog the cbox's position has dropped and it can't be sitted at old position anymore...
  • to all JWGers, for those who have blog and wanting to list it... let me know... coz i'm not going to look for each of you for your blog... hahahahaha.... XD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candy by H.O.T (and Big Bang???)

In korea, there was a time in 90's this group is the most popular group... They were young at that time... Featuring cute character in one of their music clips, making all parents at that time feel comfortable to let their children to watch tv at that time... Their Candy is LEGEND... wait for it... and i hope u r not lactose intolerence because the next word is... DARY... presenting to you, right from my blog... live... High Five of Teenagers... wahahahahahaha...

however... while searching this clip for the one in eng subtitles, I stumbled upon the re-incarnation of Candy... by BigBang!!!! hahaha... they're so cute... Kayne, you should watch this... your hot BigBang has become cute.... hahahaha... XD

Monday, March 23, 2009


wait... wait... dont spread speculation la.... it's not me being hospitalized... i'm fine... really... i know how concern u r as my readers... but it's not me who is being hospitalized... the one being treated for serious injury is my lappy....

hehe... my lappy is undergoing treatment at HP Service Center in Penang... predicted to take 3 to 5 working days for it to return to its normal health... hopefully i can see my lappy again this weekend... huhu... pray for the great health of my lappy... haha...

my dear lappy, without u i am as miserable as Gregory House... XD

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Lappy is Broken...

Dear readers,

This morning, a series of unfortunate events happened to me starting from 4am... First, at 4am it was raining cat and dog complete with thunderstorm until 6am... the rain somehow manage to penetrate the defense of the house from above (the roof) and drip into my face while I was sleeping soundly... Well, I suddenly start to move things around especially electrical and electronic devices (laptop, my keyboard and mouse, modem, extension cord) and move to sleep outside in the main hall (is it main hall??? ruang tamu rumah tu la...)

I start to check my lappy, keyboard and mouse... luckily, no damage has been done... after suboh, go back to sleep... and use my lappy to chat, greet others who greet me at 9am (it was 11am when i greet back... XD) and surf... then, found some weird link in the forum... report to the crew, dang... my laptop goes this view like a tv with no broadcast... no response when depress any key with my keyboards and move my mouse... then I decided to restart... hold the power button, the lappy goes off... press the power button, it's back on... but no response... not booting... dang... it's broken... it refuse to switch on... huaaaaaaaaaa.... what should I do... the shop is not open in the weekend, so i have to wait till monday to send it for repair...

I suspect the chipset or GPU have become overheated and malfunction... what a mess... payed the internet bill, but can't use the internet already... rite now, I'm writing at a cc... hopefully, things will back to normal again soon...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sad? happy?

I'm sad, I'm mad, I'm snapped, I'm disappointed, I'm not in the mood, not feeling like working, not feeling like talking, not feeling like smsing...

and yet, I'm happy... complicated isn't it? yup...

happy coz everything went fine for my industrial training presentation in front of the supervisor from university, Mr. Redzuan... and thanks to my industry supervisor for backing me up in almost every and each question raised by Mr. Redzuan... Thanks for spending some of your precious meeting time to back me up in there... so now, i dont have any relation with the university anymore and that will be official when the graduate transcript come out later... I wish I could secure a job here in 2 or 3 months... Looks promising but the only thing that is holding me back is the company's policy in facing the economic downtime...

yet, why am i sad??? yeah, when someone that are very special to u is acting like u r nobody to her... u give me so much hope, then rite now u act like those are never happen before... what do u expect from me? okay, maybe i made too many mistakes... and i'm sorry for those mistakes i made... I'm just a mere human being. mistakes are my norm. but it's ridiculous to think that when i snap, u just ignore it...

i'm sorry for what i did... but if u keep doing this, i'll know that u want me to step out and i'll step out...

whatever... WHEN I GET SAD, I STOP BEING SAD AND BE AWESOME INSTEAD... true story, take an example... i'm doing awesome in my presentation today...

p to the s : kayne, dont say anything... i know what u wanna say...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alas... the best vid ever...

Yeah... last time i showed you the vid from Wondersmurf of Infinity Challenge doing parody of SNSD's Gee... Now, u can have the translated version... if it doesn't appear, click the up white arrow (below right) and click the icon with 2 lines... it will turn on captions...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kim Jong Kook (Han Namja) - Today More Than Yesterday

Jom kite layan jiwang dgn KJK... Han Namja!!! Credits again to Wondersmurf of Youtube

(I Do) yeongwonhi dan hansaramman barabolsu innayo
(I Do) na jasinboda akkil su innayo
(I Do) geu nuga naege mureodo daedaphal su isseoyo
(I Do) naui sarang geudaejyo...

Yaksokhaji anheulkkeoyeyo
Haengyeo jamsirado heundeullilkkeoramyeon
Sijakhaji anhayo
Simjangdo da gochyeojul saramimyeon
Eojeboda oneuldeo manhi saranghamnida.
Apeudorok sojunghan saram cheoeumimnida.
Geudael mannaryeogo ireoke haengbokharyeogo
Manhido apanna bomnida.

Himdeun naldo seulpeohaeyo
Nunmul meotjiannneun geu apeumdo eonjenganeun kkeutnajyo
Kkeuchi eomneun geoseun uri sarangppun
Eojeboda oneul deo manhi saranghamnida.
Apeudorok sojunghan saram cheoeumimnida.
Geudael mannaryeogo ireoke haengbokharyeogo
Manhido apanna bomnida.

Dubeon dasineun hago sipji anhayo
Heeojineun il
Geudael mannagil wihan heeojim aniramyeon

Beokchaoneun gaseumi teojilgeotman gataseo
Nae nunape geudaega kkumingeotman gataseo
Dallyeoga sumswineun geudaereul pume anayo
Maeumeul nonneun babomnida
Eojeboda oneuldeo manhi saranghamnida
Apeudorok sojunghan saram cheoeumimnida
Geudael mannaryeogo ireoke haengbokharyeogo
Manhido apanna bomnida.

p to the s : if u read this, then i dedicate this song to u... let me know... @>'-;---

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a little update + Watchmen...

Okay, first agenda is a little update... I've removed the old scrolling message and replace it with a new one... also, I have removed the old clock, and replace it with new digital clock... looks nicer... hover the mouse, u'll get the date... and also, removed the dynamic online counter... all these gadgets have been known to manifest ur page with ads... slowing down the page loading time... so, with new things, I need my readers' cooperation to tell me how fast my page load now... leave a comment in the cbox or in the comment page...

second agenda... Watchmen... yup, the one u saw in the cinema... the story about a group of superhero, protecting americans... but no one is protecting them... with one person named Dr. Manhattan being able to see past, present and future as long as it is related to him being perceived as the god by americans, the other is Nite Owl with his Archie (an aircraft with owl face), Comedian (bringing up stupid annoying jokes all the time, yeah life's a joke...) also Silk Spectre II (the biggest SLUT)...

I dont understand any of the plot, the motives of the story... it's like "ouh, someone is threatening us... who is this person? why do they kill superheroes?" then it comes "ouh, it's you..." that's all... and here comes the god of the americans, NAKED all the times... while he can actually wear clothes... yeah, i wonder how does he know to wear suits for tv show but never bother to wear clothes other time... why dont u just go on tv naked??? seriously, even though u're not a human when u live with a human that long, u should know what is the purpose of clothing...

and then, Silk Spectre II... she is just like Silk Spectre, her mom... a coughcoughSLUTcoughcough... why she's in the story? i dont even know... maybe without her, all the 18sx scene is not possible without making the movie looking like gay... when she is dissapointed with manhattan, she goes to Nite Owl, then she goes to manhattan again??? what a coughcoughSLUTcoughcough...

overall, i have 100% total regrets watching this movie... the worst movie, crappy plot, crappy characters, crappy everything... what rate do I give this movie??? not even 1, not even half... this is PORN MOVIE... not a MOVIE... if u say this movie is good, probably u watched too much porn... look at Silk Spectre II costume, u'll recognize the typical stripper costume... look at Nite Owl, neither it resemble any owl (I actually thought he was a copycat of Batman)... look at Roshach, no reason to wear such a mask... look at naked Dr. Manhattan, u already know why i said this is porn...

arghhhhhh.... just why i did said this movie looks good???? DAMN IT!!!!! it was 2hrs 42mins wasted that i would never get back...

My mood is ruinned....

yup, as the title said... my mood is ruined today...why??? read the progressive of my day down below...

  • This morning starts as usual... nothing bad happen, doesnt feel bad... just as good as usual...
  • then i reached my workplace, going up to take the mug, go back down having bfast...
  • then after i finished bfast, weird things happened... feeling nauseous...
  • went out for fresh air... just out of the door, food came out... warghhhhhh...
  • now i'm dizzy, no mood for anything... even for lunch... haih~~~
duh... :headbang:

p to the s : is it possible for not having dinner for one night, and suddenly perut masuk angin??? if so, my stomach is a spoiled brat... damn it...

Friday, March 6, 2009

How to cheat in ur exam...

Credit to Megaleecher.net... Dont do this in the exam.... hahaha... but it might be weird to find an equation on a label of coke...

It's been a while...

Whew... it's been a while since i wrote this blog... well, for those who are wondering where have i been i'm not going anywhere... it's just that damn Maxis Broadband refuse to receive any signal anymore... I dont know why, I already get help from customer service (which turn out to be useless and spent RM8 for nothing) but to no avail, this guy still refuse to download data with GPRS setting... I dont know what's wrong, but might be trying to put it into my handset later to check wether it can connect or not...

For those who left comments about the speed of my blog, thanks... i'll do some investigation on what is the culprit... i got one suspect... if u see the online status, clock and the LED scrolling text up there, there's actually some script for them to run... the script will open some ads which led to bandwidth consumption... i've tried to remove the ads but the thing will fail to run... i dont know how they do it... so, bear with it some more... i'll solve that in a few days more, given if the maxis broadband is doing his job... grrrrr....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some survey...

How do u rate my blog loading time??? is fast enough??? or very slow??? leave a comment...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li

waaaaa.... last nite we all go for midnite movie... and we decide to watch Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li... the promotion is quite strong... so, i think it might be a good movie... well, i'm wrong...

it tells the story of how Chun Li become a fighter... starts from her father abduction by Bison... and he move forward, going to Bangkok, seeking for Gen, then become a good fighter, revenge her father and killing Bison (which is useless anyway, because he is always immortal... resurrection is his common things... )

emotion involved when her father who is captured is killed by Bison in front of her... but, i like the words that Bison used... "Your father is the milk of my business, but even milks have its expiration date" or sumthing like that... the cast play their roles quite good... however, the stunts, CGI and special effects is too obvious... and the way they display Chun Li's original helicopter stunt skill is a good efforts to preserve the originality of Street Fighter series, but i'm not impressed with the effects used... obviously, the guy is somehow dropped by strong winds from Chun Li's rotation kicks (which is obviously not the things that happen originally) not because of the leg is hitting the opponents...

my comment, if u r not a fan of Street Fighter series... dont go watch this movie... not worth it... very weak ending, very bad effects... fighting Bison is not that hard... like my friend said, "antar PDRM pn lepas camni...." and Thai have a special team called S.W.A.T??? yeah, i know they have a special force team, but i dont think they called it S.W.A.T??? yeah, the team that come with Maya at the harbour is Thai SWAT team... their jeeps got SWAT sticker on the windshield... and they're definitely not from US with Maya since they speak Thai with Maya...

i would even dare to rate this movie 2 star out of 5... but since they narrate the story of Chun-Li in good manner, I'll give them 3 out of 5...


For all fan of Barney Stinson out there... u guys might've listen to the conversation between Barney and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) Season 1 Episode 17 (S01E17) Life Among The Gorillas about Barney's motivational poster stating awesomeness that Barney had it specially made... and maybe u already saw the poster in Barney's office... and maybe some of u got the chance to get a hold of the DVD version and get the poster by yourself...

anyway, if u dont have that... i have an alternative version of the poster... thanks to Luzaire, he made a poster for that... i will only be a close resemblance of the poster... not the real deal... i probably could get a real poster picture (or at least the very close replica) but i'm afraid i might get copyright issue afterwards, so i dump the idea for the time being...

so, the poster is down below... click it to download... and i also made wallpapers from that pictures... right now I have 1024 x 768 for 4:3 aspect ratio... 1280 x 1024 for 5:4 aspect ratio and 1280 x 800 for 16:10 aspect ratio screens....

if u need other resolution made, send me a request thru the comment window or cbox... if ur aspect ratio is already compatible with existing aspect ratio, please use the the existing wallpaper according to your aspect ratio... 800 x 600 is 4:3... so u can use 1024 x 768 for example... but if ur screen have higher resolution, notify me... i'll try my best to make one for u...

hot do u know ur aspect ratio??? get ur screen resolution (control panel > display properties and go settings tab...). if it is 1024 x 768, devide 1024 with 768 (1024/768)... the answer is ur aspect ratio... it is however in decimal point format... use conversion list below to determine which aspect ratio us have...

1.3333333 = 4:3
1.25 = 5:4
1.6 = 16:10
1.7777778 = 16:9

The Poster

1280 x 800 (16:10)

1024 x 768 (4:3)

1280 x 1024 (5:4)