Saturday, January 31, 2009

Am I the one who messed up????

you once said you wish that you dont have to be apart from me... you once said "xtau la kot nk berhijrah jugak ke penang"... you once said i am ur bf, just not steady one...

but now, why did u become so cold??? why didnt reply my message... u got online, but not to chat with me anymore... what??? did u forget all those sweet things u said before??? or u just said those things but never meant it??? and how come, i said i'm hurt with ur words, not a single sorry came out of your mouth??? instead i am the one who said "i'm sorry" but did u ever treat me nicer??? nope... worse...

why??? is it me??? did i do anything wrong??? did i?? if so, just let me know... at least i know what's the cause and hopefully i can fix it and make things straight... but rite now, i dont know what to do...

if i am the one who messed up everything, i'm sorry... i am very sorry... please, forgive me...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

French Press

French Press is a technique of coffee brewing originated in France. It uses a narrow cylindrical glass/jug with plunge equipped lid that fit tightly in the glass/jug and have fine wire/nylon mesh working as the filter.

Actually, i just discover this technic from Discovery Channel (or is it History Channel??? I forgot...) about modern marvel of coffees... actually, to prepare coffee using french press is pretty easy and quick compared to drip brewing...

put some coarse grinded coffee beans in the jug, pour in nearly boiled water, let it steam for a while (this also will make the coffee actually "cooked" and believed to make the coffee has richer flavour) and plunge the coffee grinds to the bottom of the jug... this method of brewing make the coffee have better and richer flavour compared to drip brewing since the coffee grinds is remain in contact with brewing water and filtered with a mesh instead of paper filter which trapped essential oils and some flavour...

and it happen to be that it is so easy and quick, i was thinking i would give it a try... french press jug is available at Giant around RM17 (it's low quality but good if u just wanna try some varieties of coffee brewing) and also available around RM35-50 at Jusco and Tesco... As for the coffee grinds, you can use kopi cap kapal api or some other "kopi kampung" sold at mane2 kedai runcit berhampiran anda... or u can get varieties of coffee beans grinded at Giant...

I tried Columbia bean with french press, damn... it's better than Nescafe or even coffee in McD... haha...really great... i dont even imagine i'm buying nescafe after this again...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody

Since my housemate got this song as his ringtones and it sound this morning, i suddenly can't get this out of my head... hopefully after this it will go away... presenting... Wonder Girls!!!!! SoHeeeeeeee.... I want nobody, nobody but you!!!!!! hahahahaha...

credits to yesayoke

You Know I still Love You Baby. And it will never change.

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

nan shirheunde wae nal mireonaeryeogo hani jaggu naemareul deutji anhgo
wae ireohke dareun namja-ege nal bonaeryeo hani eoddeohke ireoni

nal wihae geureohdan geu mal neon bujokhadaneun geu mal
ijen geumanhae neon nareul aljanha wae weonhajido anhneungeol gangyohae

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

nan joheunde nan haengbokhande neoman isseumyeon dwae deo baralge eobtneunde
nugul mannaseo haengbokharan geoya nan neol ddeonaseo haengbokhal su eobseo

nal wihae geureohdan geu mal neon bujokhadaneun geu mal
mari an dwoeneun marigan geol wae molla niga eobshi eoddeohge haengbokhae

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don’t want nobody body. I don’t want nobody body.
naneun jeongmal niga animyeon niga animyeon shilhdan maryeo-ahhh

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you.
nan dareun sarameun shirheo niga animyeon shirheo
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
modeunge neomuna ggumman gateodeon geuddaero doragago shipeunde
wae jaggu nareul mireo naeryeohae
Why do you push me away. I don’t want nobody nobody
Nobody nobody but you.

credits to: ndhas

You know I still love you baby
And it will never change

I want nobody, nobody but you
I want nobody, nobody but you
I don’t want anyone else
I can’t have anyone but you
I want nobody nobody, nobody nobody

Why are you trying to push me away? I hate it.
You ignore what I am saying
Why are you trying to send me to other guys?
Why are you doing this?

Saying that this is for my own good
Saying that you are just not enough
Stop it right now, you know me well enough
Why are you forcing what you know I don’t want?

Chorus x2

I’m satisfied, I’m happy
If I have you I don’t want for anything else
Who do you want me to meet and be happy with?
I can’t be happy away from your side

Saying that this is for my own good
Saying that you are just not enough
Why can’t you understand that it makes no sense?
How can I be happy without you?

Chorus x2

I don’t want nobody, body body
I don’t want nobody, body body
Really, if it is not you
I hate it!

Chorus x2

Back to the days
When we were so young
And wild and free
Everything was just like a dream
I want to go back to those times
Why do you keep on pushing me away?
Why do you push me away?
I don’t want nobody, nobody
Nobody nobody but you

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back in penang...

well... I'm back in penang... the journey starts with the flight from KT to Subang with Firefly... All my life, I have been in Subang Airport few times... but since it moved to KLIA, this is the first time I'm in Subang Airport... they use it for Berjaya Air for flights from Subang to Tioman (and other island perhaps) and also Firefly landing strip... the flight take off from KT at 8.45am... landed at 9.45am... upon arrival, go into terminal... I'm spooked... it's like i'm in an abandoned city (or at least abandoned building)

nothing is in there... it only caters the most basic facility and it also not well maintained up to its standard before they move everything to KLIA... the only shops in there is Starbucks Cafe, 1901, and a convenience store plus a souvenir shop... quite shocking coz I dont have a place to hang out while waiting my next flight at 2.45pm (it's 5 more hours...) so i just went to the surau... to have a little morning nap... hehe...

after that, at 12 i go down and wait for the check in counter to open up... it's almost another an hour and a half of waiting before they open the counter... demit... i hate waiting... after that, nothing happen... just board the flight, take-off, landed in penang at 4pm, take the airport limo and go back home...

the shocking thing is, i somehow felt airport limo is cheaper than normal taxis... why??? with airport limo, i got to take luxury taxi at RM26 from the airport to my house... but from Sg. Nibong Terminal to my house, it's already RM30... i think if i take a bus from the Sg. Nibong Terminal and take the limo from there, it will be cheaper than taking a taxi directly... Taxis in Penang is overpriced...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Intel Malaysia Is Closing????

Since the media have give inaccurate info on Intel's latest update, ppl have been asking me and my friends "is it true intel penang is closing???" "what's this?? is it true???" and yadda yadda yadda...

Here's the thing... the details is quite confidential and I can't really publish it here... but basically, here's the thing...

Intel Malaysia is devided by two site... One in Penang, another one is in Kulim... so, in order to reduce expenditures and increase efficiency, those production site in penang is moving to kulim... so, two building in penang will be emptied... sounds like it's closing, but it's actually moving to another site... Penang will serve more in design... while Kulim will served as production site...

This site moving will of course caused the labors to move to... but not all labors are ready to move... so, some will have to face the fact that they will lose the job if they dont follow the transition... however, since they have their own worker in Kulim, some of the operators might get their contract discontinued... while the engineers either transferred to Kulim or get into another department here in Penang.

so, again, the company is not closing...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 questions that have no answer before, is now answered!!!

before I proceed, I wanna tell u guys... I'M HOME!!! hahaha... from penang at 11PM Friday (23rd Jan) and arrive LCCT KL at 4am Saturday (24th Jan)... wait for an hour, at 5 go for check in... at 6.35, board the plane... 7.05, the plane is taking off... 7.55 arrive in KT... and i'm home... nyum nyum...

upon arrival, take some rest... take a bath, take car key, switch on the ignition... what the??? Engine Oil Indicator light up... start to wonder, what happened??? switch off back, open up the hood, take out the level indicator, wipe, put in, take out, check... damnnnnn... it's dried... how come they only know how to drive??? don't know how to read the indicator??? haiyaaaaa.... luckily the engine is intact (hope so, haven't test it yet)

ok, then... go to service station, get some engine oil... go to post office, renew my driving license (haha... only reallized few days ago my license is expired...) and pour in the oil... then I go in, sleep all day... haven't had proper sleep for more than 24hrs is tiring you know...

okay, for the unanswered question parts... have a look below...

1. Kenapa Tarzan tidak mempunyai jambang?
= ini adalah kerana, hormon2 yang dimiliki oleh tarzan telah berpindah ke jasad yg lebih dominan iaitu kaum kerabat die, monyet... sbb tu monyet jd berbulu camtu... kalo x, lg jambu dari tarzan...

2. Kenapa juruterbang Kamikaze memakai topi keledar?
= juruterbang kamikaze memakai topi keledar kerana menyahut seruan kerajaan, igtlah org yg tersayang... pada masa itu, bg mereka2 ini org yg tersayang adalah pemimpin mereka... igtkan org yg tersayang, pakai la topi keledar anda...

3. Kita tahu kelajuan cahaya, apakah kelajuan kegelapan?
= kenape kite xtau kelajuan kegelapan... ini kerana, dizaman kegelapan barat, mereka xdapat mengukur kelajuan kegelapan... alat utk mengukur kelajuan kegelapan masih belom tercipta... tp oleh kerana en thomas edison yg takot gelap mencipta mentol lampu dahulu, dunia sudah tidak gelap lagi... mereka2 xdpt la nk ukur kegelapan...

4. Kenapa ada istilah ‘tidur seperti bayi’ sedangkan bayi akan terjaga setiap 2 jam?
= kenapa tidur seperti bayi??? sbnrnyer, kite sume tdo sama seperti bayi... ape yg dimaksudkan bukanla tidur nyer yg nyenyak... ni sume konsep yang salah... ape yg dimaksudkan disini sbnrnyer, cmne perasaan dan pengalaman kite semasa tido... kan sama seperti bayi...

5. Kenapa pembakar roti di’rumah kita mempunyai setting untuk suhu yang tinggi sehingga mampu menghanguskan roti?
= ini adalah kerana, bg sesetengah orang mereka menyimpan roti didalam peti sejuk dan ade juga yg simpan dlm ruang sejuk beku... bygkan pembakar roti ckp2 utk bakar roti pada suhu bilik je, mesti roti2 yg dlm peti ais tidak dibakar dgn baik...

6. Kenapa lampu peti ais hanya ada dalam ruang sejuk, bukan ruang sejuk beku?
= ini kerana, memasak didalam keadaan gelap adalah tidak digalakkan... bygkan ade lampu dalam tu... pastilah org xnk bukak lampu kat dapor bile nk amik brg dlm tu... pastu end up masak dlm gelap... kalo die xletak lampu dlm tu, even nk amik ais pn kene bukak lampu dapor kan... jadi, xde la kes terpotong jari dlm gelap...

7. Kenapa irama lagu A,B,C,D,E,F,G… dan Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star sama?
= irama lagu Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star dipercayai meniru irama lagu ABC tuh... namun begitu, kesilapan penggubal lagu tersebut (yang merupakan orang yang sama) dlm mempatenkan copyright ciptaannyer membuatkan beliau kalah didalam mahkamah dan lagu Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star dibenarkan meniru irama lagu ABC...

knp saye kate Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star tiru irama lagu ABC dan bukan sebaliknyer??? ini kerana kalo kite pk secara logik akalnyer, kite kene belajar ABC dulu sblm sampai ke angkasa sana tuk tau the star is little and twinkle...

8. Kenapa kita sering menekan butang lif lebih dari sekali?
= kite xboleh terlalu percayakan sesuatu atau seseorang... cuba pikir, kalo tkn skali... adakah betol input sudah dimasukkan??? atau sekadar nyala je, komputer xinput pn... atau, mgkn jgk anda sbnrnyer xtkn pn lagi, tp rs cam da tkn... so, utk double check, tkn la lebih dari skali...

9. Kenapa kita tekan butang remote lebih kuat walaupun kita tahu bateri hampir habis?
= pernah dengar org jemur bateri yg hampir habis kononnyer dpt mengembalikan kuasa bateri tersebut? pernah dengar org baling bateri kelantai utk tujuan yang sama? ade jugak org yg ketuk bateri tu utk tujuan tersebut kan??? tkn butang remote dgn lebih kuat dipercayai mampu mengeluarkan saki baki kuasa bateri yg masih ada...

10. Kenapa anda mula berfikir untuk 9 soalan di’atas yang tidak sesekali membawa apa-apa perubahan?
= sbb nk tunjukkan setiap persoalan pasti ada jawapan... lgpn mane tau xmembawa perubahan... belom cuba belom tau... mane tau dengan menjawab soalan2 sebegini, kite mampu mencipta satu alat yg mampu mengukur kegelapan...

source = My post in UMPLife Forum

Friday, January 23, 2009

Betol ke???

Authors Note : WARNING!!! This is not about RACISM... it's just about Maxis and other Telco... I will delete any comments with racism or religion sentiments without hesitations...

I just read one blog (RJUNA) talking about is it true that Ananda Krishnan is sending 10% of Maxis's profits to IFC, using Hotlink's money to invest in casinos in Genting (Binariang Genting), helping indians in India financially to destroy muslims and sponsor the maintenance of the big patung in Batu Caves... u all might have received such emails or sms, or even might be in forums...

but, so far... all of these are all talks, no prove... what the heck is that... if it is really true, there should be some sort of proof... even sumthing might be company confidential, there should be some evidence especially this has been around for more than 5 years...

and for those who think they use Celcom because you think you are helping Malays since Celcom towkey is happen to be a malay, let me tell you something... you are just like all those people who thinks FAM should deserve another chance... Celcom is full of sh*tload... it's crap... like Atillery Arthur said (refer to How I Met Your Mother season 3), Celcom is like, if craps can eat, and it craps, that's Celcom... it is the crap's crap... you know why i said that???

Here is the top3 bulls**t telco...

  1. Celcom - the biggest liar in advertisements ever... Xpax number can't be inserted as 8pax in Upax and Upax can't be inserted as 8pax in Xpax WITHOUT clear information (actually not in any form of information, but i might missed).... also, the one who steal user's prepaid credit... i used celcom twice, and both times my credit went missing... not only me, some people actually told me that their credit gone missing too... My sister used Maxis and I'm using Celcom... comparing the talk time, we have the same usage... yet, RM50 is not enough for per month while my sis's Hotlink doesn't even reach RM30...
  2. Maxis - at first they are okay... especially after a year using it, i got so many rewards... but then, after few years using Hotlink, I started to get cheated... this story might not be accurate, but as an example... topup RM5 and get extra RM20... didn't mention in a few weeks... so, i'll just topup RM5 and get my first RM5 extra... what???? RM20 in four weeks??? and i have to keep my line active for another four weeks to get those extras... from RM5 for extra 20, i have to get RM20 for extra 20... what a fuss... there's still one more case like free SMS, but maxis cases are not that bad since most of the time, people are letting them being cheated blindly... unlike Celcom, no info at all... just take and go...
  3. Digi - I dont know what Digi have cheated about... I think probably in terms of few advertisements... but nothing major have been done so far... and I'm really satisfied with this telco... I shouldn't put Digi in this list, but since Umobile and Happy is still very new... I think I cant get them evaluate yet... and it's a top3 list... so i have to put in something....
so, for those who think Celcom's service is still the best and helping the malays... consider this another fact... I once send an SMS, and only received by the recipient after 2 weeks... yup, 2 weeks... even though it happen around 5 years ago, but I never trust this telco again... and their call quality is very bad... plus, sometimes the call is in, but never appeared in our phone... then i start to get scold by my parents for not answering the phone... so, BYE BYE CELCOM!!!

if u still think using Celcom is helping malays, I will definitely think, Celcom doesn't deserve our helps... yup, I would like to help malays to achieve more... but if you have the power to help others but you dont, you dont deserve my help too... especially after taking away my credits TWICE...

p/s : apparently, those postpaid people doesn't suffer billing problems... but still, bad customer service...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My new headphone... Niceeeee~~~

last few months, my SonicGear HS800 got broken wire inside after a few rotation of the speaker part of the headset (i wonder why they use low quality wires while the design is adjustable...) and somehow i managed to repair it... but the replacement wire itself snapped again after a while... then i gave up on repairing it because it's not an easy task... without soldering paste, it's almost impossible... really....

so, yesterday... i go and find replacement for that headset... And I stumbled upon this Philips SPH2700 in KBJ and looked around to compare the price... the lowest I can find is RM85 and after some thoughts, i bought it anyway... based on the spec given on the box, it's freq response is 18Hz - 28kHz (yup, extra bass and extra treble) and the sensitivity is 104dB with 32Ohm impedance... maximum power output is 1.5W (i wasnt very clear on the last three features, i dont know what they do)... other than that, it provide me with 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter and 3m cable length...

Okay, time for my review... i've heard few good things about Philips headsets, but i still doubt it... i got to try it for myself... back at home, i tried it and it does sound WOW!!!! whatever they say in the spec is true... yes, i dont have the tools to measure the freq response but i do heard sounds of musics that i haven't heard before with any other headset including SonicGear HS800 and it does sound great... i like this headset... whatever they said on the box, is most likely true... the extra bass and extra treble sounds from such instruments are clearly heard...

other features that i realized after using this that is not on the box is how lightweight it is... my last SonicGear HS800 used to be quite heavy and wearing it after a while actually make me tired... this headphone seems to be half of the weight of SonicGear HS800 and the only setbacks that you'll experience are it grabbed your ear quite tightly that u might feel uncomfortable at first and the size, you cant freely lying down with the headset on your head... well, all headsets are not designed for that purpose...

anyway, my conclusion... the powerful sounds + lightweight, it does makes RM85 looked cheap for this headset.. however, if it features gold plated jack instead of chrome plated, it will be more cool...

some ppl said i have been writing too much...

yeah, i did receive complain about "you are writing too much that i can't follow and dont know which one to comment" XD

try to check the cbox if you dont believe me...

well... there's a few things about that...

  1. My tasks and expectations requires skilled person and it seems to be there's only one person with the skills required is capable of teaching me. And, what happen is the person is busy, always busy... seems to be 24/7 busy... i dont know... so, i'll have to wait and wait more and wait more... that's why I'm writing while waiting (which happen to be a useless waiting now)
  2. A few comments that I have to entertain so that my readers won't feel their comments is useless and keep on commenting in the future, even though that is not my first priority. (like the language issue)
  3. I'M BORED... that's why...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Estrella - Stay

This is a jazz band from Malaysia... the girl that sing is cute, somehow looked like Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother... hahaha...

Here is two version of their new hit single, Acoustic and non-Acoustic... Stay~~~ There's no reason to go away, please stay tuneee~~~ hahaha....

Sound straight from the twilight
Has me up all night
I can't fall asleep 'cause I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow outside my window and it's you.

All my sorrows flew away
Hush, keep quiet, hear me say
I don't ever want you to go
Please stay
With the moonlight dancing free
And there's no one but you and me
There's no reason to go astray
Please stay.

Making up a story
It's the way you're looking at me
If you think that this is funny, it's just you.
Try and think about it,
If you're heart is closed don't lock it,
Keep your keys back in your pocket,
Think this through.


Please stay with me
Just stay with me
and I will take you to Foreverland
Just stay

Estrella - Stay

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Malay? Mandarin? Tamil? Urdhu? Kantonis? English?

Sedang aku mencari2 idea utk menulis dlm blog nih, beserta dgn sambil2 menunggu engineer tuh respon terhadap email aku... aku pn terpikir... haaaa... ape kate bukak blog, tgk cbox ke, komen ke... kot2 dpt idea... haih~~~ ak mmg xpandai menulis artikel dlm BM... mslh tol... walaupun aku selalu lost bile mencuba utk menulis dlm BI sbb mencari2 perkataan yang seswai utk digunakan dlm penulisan, agar tiada ada la yg berkecil hati serta marah2 kat aku bile ape yg aku maksud kan dlm penulisan aku benda lain, tp die plk g bace dgn nada yg salah lalu marah aku xtentu pasal serta tinggalkan komen yg kurang menyenangkan yang boleh menyebabkan aku menjadi tak tentu arah sbb pk lg ayat yg lebih seswai nk explain blk benda tuh...

dah... aku rs da ckp byk kot aku menyelitkan kata2 manis dlm BM nih... ayt aku da mula kelihatan pelik... tak tau la kot aku je yg rs pelik... org lain x... mcm makin x cool je BM aku... haha...

anyway, thanks to "tuan nyer kasut" (which up until now, i dont know who u r...) because suddenly he brought up the language issue in my blog. Okay... maybe there's lot of you wondering, I am malay, born Malaysian, proud as Malaysian, live in Malaysia, why the heck am I writing in english??? why not malay??? Am I "kacang lupakan kulit"? or maybe I can't speak malay??? what??? as a Malaysian that is Malay can't speak malay??? man... that's what we call "koya belanar"... here's the list of the reason

  1. I was thinking this at first when I started my blog since the era of Friendster Blog... should I write in malay or english??? but after all, I choose english... this is because, among malaysian's malay, most of us use BM as the medium... so, where the heck do i want to learn english after school??? here it is...
  2. It's not like what "tuan nyer kasut" said, "tau la intern kat INTEL"... it's not the reason why I wrote in english... if that's the case, damn... I am "kacang lupakan kulit"... I've wrote my blog in english since like 2 years ago when I am not even an intern, just a mere students who strive to excel... even if I am an intern in somewhere else, with a Malaysian company which uses BM as their main business language, I will still write in english...
  3. Well, for most of us who haven't get much exposure in english... always thinking and wondering "why my english is so bad... how do i learn english... Linguaphone? damn, i'm not that rich... I've tried Linguaphone, it's no good... i've tried this and that, still my english is bad"... then, somehow i got the opportunity and have been quite good in english, why dont I share something that others dont have?? I can improve myself too...
  4. I tried to stick with one language for my blog. Since I already choose english, I try not too put in other languages like malay or mandarin or japanese or even bangla... i dont know, it doesnt seem nice to have a few different words jumble up together in one sentences... "I want to makan fried nasik" doesn't seems nice isnt it???
  5. And why there hasn't been even an entry of mandarin, bangla, urdu, cantonese, japanese, korean, and other languages... is because of one fact... I dont know much about those languages... maybe I did take japanese for beginners course, but how much do u expect from level 1 course???
  6. Another fact is, I've been exposed to english as much as malay that I started to think modern malay is funny and doesn't have enough words to explain things... when illumination can't be explain in malay that they started to fetch english words and turn it to malay words iluminasi, it makes our beloved Bahasa Malaysia becomes much like Bahasa Indonesia... do we want to see that? why can't we just use Cahaya Music for AJL '08??? it's just the same thing... and please, don't start on how english is taking french words, arab's words, spanish words to fit in their language... i know those....

so, i guess "tuan nyer kasut"'s questions have been answered... and why the heck haven't this girl (i mean the engineer, not some hot chicks that i have my eyes on her) reply my email??? too busy huh????

Monday, January 19, 2009

Superhero Quiz...

I stumbled upon this quiz while reading Jebon's Blog and decided to try it... why not??? after all serious entry in this blog, let's have some stupid fun... hahaha...

Your results:
You are Superman

Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

The most stupid comments ever heard/read... no wonder why ppl reject BARISAN NOOBIES

BN mungkin menang jika pengundi luar balik mengundi
MELAKA 18 Jan. - Barisan Nasional (BN) mungkin mampu mempertahankan kerusi Parlimen Kuala Terengganu sekiranya semua pengundi kawasan tersebut yang tinggal di luar, pulang pada hari pembuangan undi semalam.
Naib Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam berkata, faktor tersebut menjadi antara penyebab kekalahan BN kepada Pas dengan majoriti 2,631 undi.
Beliau berkata, pada pilihan raya kecil kali ini, peratusan yang keluar mengundi hanya 79 peratus sahaja berbanding 83 peratus pada 2004.
"Ini bermakna, pengundi berkurangan sebanyak empat peratus, iaitu kira-kira 3,000 pengundi dan kalau semua ini penyokong BN, tentu kita akan menang," katanya.
Beliau menyatakan demikian pada sidang akhbar selepas merasmikan Pelancaran Perkhidmatan Ambulans Kecemasan 24 Jam St. John Ambulans Malaysia cawangan Melaka di sini hari ini.
Jumlah keluar mengundi ialah 63,993 pengundi atau 79.9 peratus daripada 80,229 pengundi berdaftar.
Ia jauh lebih rendah berbanding pilihan raya umum pada 8 Mac tahun lalu yang menyaksikan 82.45 peratus atau 66,231 orang keluar mengundi.
Mohd. Ali menambah, faktor lain yang menjadi punca kekalahan ialah BN terlalu bermurah hati dengan melaksanakan pelbagai pembangunan di negeri itu.
"Pas sebenarnya mahukan pembangunan tetapi mereka suruh orang BN yang buat dan nampaknya pembangunan bukan lagi menjadi perkara terbaik perlu dilakukan BN," katanya.
Dalam nada menyindir Mohd. Ali berkata, BN juga perlu menjadi seperti Pas yang suka menabur janji-janji kosong setiap kali pilihan raya kecil diadakan asalkan mengundi parti itu boleh masuk syurga.
"Saya hairan, mengapa mereka percaya pada Pas yang tidak buat apa-apa kerja tapi menjanjikan syurga dan menolak BN yang banyak membuat pembangunan di sana," katanya.

Sumber ==> Utusan Malaysia Online (19th January 2009)

If you read properly the bolded sentences...

  1. Even all the 3k voters who resides outside of town would come back, you still lost around 200 voters compared to last election on Mac 2008. That's if all 3k are BN voters. Of course, taking reality into account it will never be 100%... Even if you are good and best, you probably get the most 75%, the other 25% could be in opposition... that's mean BN only have around 2250 votes, still not enough to beat the current majority...
  2. here is the statistic... if 90% of those 3k is BN voters, BN will receive 32952 votes, and PAS receive 33183 votes... still not enough to win... even at 93% is not enough for BN to win... you expect 95% out of those 3k??? i'm not sure about that...
  3. the thing is, you should accept, people dont want Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid who is nooby in KT... dumb BN... no wonder u lost...
  4. why ppl choose PAS over BN this time??? just take a look at what BN have done to KT... haunted building of Kompleks Paya Bunga... wasteful Masjid Kristal... 1mil USD of Monsoon Cup... the biggest flaw in this Barisan Noobies is, the return of ROYALTI MINYAK TERENGGANU by Ahmad Said... that's the biggest flaw that opened all the KT voters of the truth... last 10 years, the government said there are no royalti Terengganu... why is it there now??? you should've fight back when Ahmad Said want it back... not just give it back like that... now BN looks like a fool, a line of noobies...
Editted 1 time by MRL ==> silly me, forgot to give credit to the source...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Review on Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700

About one week ago, I bought this Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 for RM90 at PC Depot... suprisingly, PC Depot is selling items at lowyat prices... haha... anyway, after a week using it you all might wanna know what do i think about it right??? I dont care if you dont care enough for that... I'll just keep on writing... hahaha...

Here it is... The first key features I was looking at is wireless/cordless... this feature is very important to me to reduce entangled wires/cables around my laptop. and this is very helpful... however, when it comes to wireless there will always certain performance issue like how far they can go and how fast the signal travels... will there be any certain latency or lag???

first of all, about how far the signal can go... suprisingly, this desktop set is totallly unlike other wireless device i have ever seen... even sensonic's wireless mouse is not up to par with this desktop set. I have tried to pull this keyboard and mouse together more than one meter from the receiver and the keyboard and mouse still get their job nicely done. Unlike other wireless device that priced almost RM50... they dont go too far in the signal... just enough for you to go around your laptop. I would say, this is good as I can be anywhere I like in my room without having to worry about losing control over my laptop.

then, how fast the signal travels... as far as i'm concern... extreme gaming needs for speed... lower latency device is good.... which, for gamers who play games up to international level, most wireless device is not good... thus, requiring them to opt for cabled keyboard (yeah, that's what Razer is doing) and mouse... however, suprisingly enough the mouse unit is moving faster and more sensitive than my A4 Laser Mouse... and the sensor can actually sense the movement even if the mouse is slightly airborne... not even my A4 Laser Mouse can do... so far, i've tried almost all surface including glossy surface, none of them cause the mouse failed to operate... I still have yet to try transparent glass and jubin though... most optical mouse failed to operate on these surface except my laser mouse... ooppsss... going to far away from topic... back to the speed of signal travel... the mouse and keyboard doesn't give big latency while I played Call Of Duty 2.... so, this desktop set is as good as wired ... games are playable, however for extreme gaming, for those who might have been used to Razer Lycosa or other gaming keyboard, dont get this one... latency will be your big issue...

Hotkeys... this keyboard have internet and multimedia hotkeys as well as calculator and my computer hotkeys... all my life, i've been using keyboard shortcuts very much since i used a laptop... the fact that i have to face when i bought a Compaq is that they dont have My Computer hotkeys while my old laptop, Hyundai M-Life got one... it is much easier to the access to My Computer that way rather than clicking Start Menu>My Computer... However, this keyboard have done it's favour to me... multimedia keys provided are play/pause, volume control, volume mute, and media player button... I would find that if there are next/previous button, it will be more usefull as i used them a lot... now, i have to click it at my windows media player instead of hitting a button on my keyboard even WMP is not an active window. as for internet hotkeys, we have email, home/web browser and favourite hotkeys... i dont use these as much... as I dont access email client that often on my laptop and also, i found that my web browser is running almost all the time...

other than that, they are pretty much like a normal keyboard and mouse, except they are wireless... and you are free to make it as bolster if you want... hahahaha....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kuala Terengganu Parliamentary Seat Election

To all terengganu folks staying outside of the state... here i bring you the latest official results of small election today....

PAS candidate, Abdul Wahid Endut has been declared as the winner with 2631 majority over BN candidate, Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid...

PAS candidate receive 32833 votes while BN candidate received 30252 votes and independant received 193 votes....

why boycott haven't give big impact on Israel just yet...

yup.. we all know... it's hot with 'boycott israel' right now... everywhere we go, ppl talk about boycott israel, boycott this, boycott that... and yes, there are also ppl who dont like it and slay each ppl who said "i want to boycott israel things and stuff" with words of "i dont want to boycott coz i know it will fail..."

definitely, these are the reasons why the boycott could fail to give big impact on Israel's economy...

  1. everywhere we go, there are thousands of posters saying Boycott Israel including the list of Israel's things and stuff... sometimes the biggest ally of Israel, US's items also included... things like McD, Intel, bla bla bla are everywhere... but if you look properly, there's no single updated synchronize list... this list printed by somebody else say this this this and the other say that that that... sometimes it's totally ridiculous... dont agree with me??? go around and u might even see someone saying Hotlink (yup, maxis prepaid) is from Israel too... the list aren't updated... it was the list from like 5 or 10 years ago where fake info sometimes spread widely causing innocent company got it's effects too. so, please... somebody do the courtesy and list out Israel's stuff and things properly... for sure, it will be nice if there are info's why the company is listed, either it is owned by Israel directly or a company that give sumthing for Israel's profits...
  2. some ppl said "nah, boycott is not the way"... what the heck... u never know until u try... so far, no try outs have been carry out properly... what the heck are saying it will not be the way??? are you smarter than those scholars??? then why dont u find a way to stop them from attacking Gaza??? maybe u r the one who should go out to the public and announce something, stupid...
  3. still about the list, sometimes the list is just to doubtful... i saw somewhere said Nokia is Israel/US products... and ppl start to freak out "OMG, i'm using Israel stuff, i have to throw away my phone and get another phone"... damn you guys... how come Hotlink is a brand of Israel??? if u said DiGi, i might still believe it... this is the fact about Nokia... it's a Finnish company... yup, it's from Finland... so, how they contribute to Israel i dont know... but if Nokia isn't trustful, then even Sony Ericsson should be on the list too... do you know where Ericsson in Sony Ericsson comes from??? and why the heck, Motorola which is clearly a US company doesn't make it into the list??? haha... that's why i said earlier, there should be somebody explaining why the company is put into the list... not just because they are related to US/Israel in some way... but real reason like why Intel is one of the company on every list (but still somebody didn't put it in their list, why? i dont know)... Intel got a big fat factory in Israel (apparently, the land was Palestinian's...) of course that will contribute something to Israel as they're paying taxes for the land...
what you should do and should not do in boycotting???
  1. for sure, first and foremost. when u find out u are using israel's stuff (like Nokia handphone, e.g) dont throw those stuff away immediately u dumb... u r not contributing anything (except, maybe advertise them... but u can always say no when somebody asks) by using it... but if u throw it away, one thing for sure u'll have to spend money to buy another one... another thing is, u dont even know if the next thing u buy to replace the one threw, is not related to Israel... so, just use it untill it is worn out, irrepairable... jgn membazir la... membazir amalan setan...
  2. second, stop buying... i mean stop buying by, yes stop buying... not stop using... let's say, u have Colgate toothpaste... use it... dont throw it... but, when it is finished, stop buying it... buy some other brand...
  3. dont say this and that to ppl who r not boycotting while u r not boycotting... at least they do something with effort rather than u who sit and watch, do nothing... u r worse... saying "I hate israel for attacking Gaza" but then u didnt do anything to help... it's like saying "i love u" but never show them...
This is the few items that is related to Israels... it's might not be accurate... so dont say "alaaaa ckp org bg list xbetol... die pon same je..." but if u find out some stuffs is not accurate, notify me and i'll correct it... remember, for boycotts to give it's big impact, we need to be together working on it, sharing info... not like "hey, i got list... this is the list... what you got? what? nothing? and u say u boycott???"

  1. Intel -for them to build their factory in Israel, thus of course providing Israels with some money...
  2. Colgate - i dont know how this are related... but i think this company is giving some contribution financially to those guys...
  3. Coca-Cola - heard this company is owned by Jews??? not good for ur health anyway... boycott this will improve ur health too!!!
  4. McD - this US franchise is contributing to Israel too???? or owned by Israel??? not sure... but everywhere is saying "let's boycott McD!!!" hey, what about KFC???
  5. Tesco - heard that this is owned by John Cohen? a jews???
some other stuff, there's a few stuffs that is doubtful i'm not putting in the list yet... like AMD, Motorola, Nokia...

whatever... do I boycott??? I would rather say, i'm not spending my money for unnecessary things right now... like McD, why do i need McD when i can eat some other stuffs, rite (but i do miss their food... nyum nyum... hahahah...) coke??? i have some other drinks too... Boh Ice Tea... lalala~~~

a peaceful saturday...

hmmm... at last... a day when i can wake up late... a day when i dont to think what to do after this... a day of nothing... a day of relax... and now i understand why working folks like fridays so much, and hate monday more than everything... hahahahahaha...

waaa... i really feel relax today you know... dont have to think about works (even though i actually have tasks waiting ahead of me but who cares??? hahaha) well, after this somebody gonna get hurt reallll bad... hahaha

wowowow... the intern allowance is coming in 20th of Jan... nyum nyum... it's all about the money... started to think what should i do with the money... IOU, utility bills, internet, topup... then, i'm planning to change my old wallet... it's damn old... i bought it when i was in matriculation days... it's already 4 years... hahaha... and i planned to get a laptop backpack... easier for me to bring my laptop around...

today is 17 Jan... already the third day since the incident... and still no words from her... man, i miss those days so much, maybe i miss her more than those days... and after what she said to me before, i dont know what to do anymore... it's colder than "let's break up"... it's much like, "i hate u!" but worse... damn... anyway, i'm ready to forgive... just say "i'm sorry" and we're done... well, whatever you think it was, i will never say that was my fault... it never is... maybe i overact, but for what you said, everyone think that it's cold... so, i'm sorry if i overact or misunderstand... but u should not say something like that freely...

at least, dont act like you never support me on that, like you never been happy when u heard that, like u never congratulate me on that, and mostly, like you have said DON'T before that... you are the first to all those things that u act like u never did after my parents.

and for that, it hurts me more than u've hurt me before... and i know how much have i hurt u before, thus i'm ready to forgive u... all it takes is just I'M SORRY...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

why US has been neutral on Israel's attacks....

BAITULMAQDIS 13 Jan. – Perdana Menteri Israel, Ehud Olmert mendakwa keputusan Amerika Syarikat (AS) untuk bersikap berkecuali semasa pengundian Majlis Keselamatan Pertubuhan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu (PBB) pada Khamis lalu dibuat setelah beliau ‘bercakap’ dengan Presiden George W. Bush.
Menurut Olmert, AS pada mulanya akan mengundi menyokong resolusi itu. Berikut adalah kenyataan Olmert seperti dipetik dalam laporan berita AFP hari ini.
- Olmert minta petugas menelefon Bush, namun mereka menyatakan Bush sedang berucap di Philadelphia.
- Olmert tegaskan bahawa beliau tetap mahu bercakap juga dengan Bush. Presiden AS itu kemudian turun dari podium dan bercakap dengannya.
AS pada mulanya akan mengundi resolusi untuk gencatan senjata di Genting Gaza tetapi tiba-tiba berubah selepas Bush bercakap dengan Perdana Menteri Israel.

This is what is reported by utusan Malaysia today…. So, what do you think? Bush is actually a puppet to Israel… which means, USA = Israel... what a stupid world politics...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boycott Israel... but do pity me...

the campaign of boycotting israel's and american products that is connected directly with israel has been going on for a while... there's some people who looking it in a positive way, and some others saying that we will never be able to boycott as we actually using israel's products everyday, indirectly...

well, for me... let's just be a smart consumer. yup, we will never be able to 100% boycott israel related products. without us knowing, the container that the government use to import stuff might even also manufactured by israel... so, even if we do this boycott, eventually items we are using indirectly related to israel and give them some profit, might be not much but it's still there.

so, by being a smart consumer, i think we could minimize the usage of israel related products. yup... why eat McD while there's Ken Tak Kee. Why drink Starbucks, while we have Setarbak Kopi. haha... we dont have to use every and each israel related product. maybe we depends too much on these products before. But, 30% of something is better than nothing. that's what we really need now. Imagine if every person in this world will give up their dependancy at least 10% on israel's product, it would certainly effect the economy of israel.

that's one issue... and for those who are boycotting israel's related products, you dont have to remind us who somehow work/doing intern about the company's support for israel. u dont have to say "xpe la, keje je la dgn org israel laknatullah tu." yesssss... for me it does sound like we do feel good working for those guys. it does sound like we are happy working for those guys. it does sound like we are so bad for working for those guys. while actually, there's no company had offered me to do intern before them. while actually, we are not the one who make the decision to support those people to attack palestinians. while actually, we are not the one who give them bullet to shoot those palestinians directly. and what's worse, actually I DO FEEL BAD WORKING FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT ISRAEL'S ACTION ON GAZA.

but what choice do i have???? quit the internship and repeat the industrial training? is it worth it? why dont i just continue to take some experience, learn some skills they offered and contribute them to those palestinian somehow after this? they pay me, so can't i at least give some contribution with the payment that i get? is it working with those guys make me so bad???


so, i still sound bad like i am being an ally of those who attack Gaza? up to you. at least, my laptop is using AMD's processor, not Intel's like most of us do. At least i'm using less one israel products as the beginning of boycott.

Monday, January 12, 2009

my my...

i cant sleep... why!!! tomorrow got program loooo.... need to be there as early as 8... waaaaa... pleasseeeee.... sleep now my dear eyes... T_T

somebody sing me a lullaby????

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New shopping (to waste some money...)

this is my new item... buy it just now... actually, i bought this because i'm bored with stupid wires entagled together... imagine this, laptop cooler + mouse + LAN + laptop charger entangled together... still not enough, let's add some more... plus 3 handset charger entagled together with above wires... it's chaos!!! then i start to think for wireless mouse... since mouse is the thing that is frequently used and always get entagled in the bunch of wires... but a good wireless will cost me as much as RM75-RM80!!!

then my friend said that Microsoft's combo hardware is around RM100... So i think, why not buy that one since keyboard + mouse is only around RM100 while mouse alone is already hitting RM80???

then, we went to PC Depot near KBJ for external case 2.5" HDD (mine is nearly broken)... found this, Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 only for RM90!!! man, wireless mouse alone is RM88!!!! so, i just grab this and buy it... hehe...

now, i should stop spending too much i think...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


"The worst feeling is not being lonely. It's being forgotten by someone you can't forget."

think about it...

Today's news of Israel's arrogant...

For me, when Israel has assaulted a school organized by UN or so called PBB it's an insults to the peacekeeping organization... even if they want to attack, they should wait for UN's clearance before attack... not just attack and caused 48 casualties... this shows how weak it is for PBB or UN in handling world peace... and this shows, we should not put any hope on this PBB because

PBB =/= Persekutuan Bangsa-Bangsa Bersatu, but PBB = Persekutuan Budak-Budak Bodoh

dont agree with me??? dont just blame me like that... if we take the samples out of this cruel world, only stupids and fools are being manipulated by someone who is cleverer and bigger with more power... yeah, the one who is cleverer and bigger is that stupid damn US and Israel... using their veto that they have created earlier for such bad use...

If possible, I would also like to boycott... but what could i do... Coke is free in my office... Nescafe too... huhu... and I'm working for Intel too... T_T

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In the middle of nowhere...

haha... i'm bored... it's not like i dont have any work to do... but i have to wait for the information to come in before i can proceed. and currently i'm waiting for the information to come in. hopefully it'll come in soon and i'll have sumthing better to do.

anyway, it has been a few days since my last post on the new year, is it???? haha... i'm just lazy enough to post sumthing plus i'm not sure if i post it, it'll be controversial or not. so, i choose to stay silent and not saying anything on that even i already have the materials.

hmm... we already know that Gaza has been invaded lately. started from 1st Muharram 1430 if i'm not mistaken with air strike coming striking the civilians (which is a crime in war rules stated by PBB) with PBB sit down doing nothing because of US veto (which is what the heck is PBB for if it can be stopped just like that?) and yesterday, the army has march to the Gaza by land for assault. Tanks and soldiers are everywhere and of course, more civilians will be killed...

Israel has launched a war against Palestinians (yup, this is totally an act of war... not stupid self defense) and doing massacre. they attack anyone including civilians, probably even doctors if they dont stay inside a hospital. Ethnic clearance is happening here...

Well, now everyone has started to boycott Israelis' and American's products... which include Intel... the place and company that i work... man, suddenly i feel guilty by working for these guys... i wish i could boycott too, yup i used AMD... not on the list so far... haha... anyway, what could've i done... i'm working guys... don't blame me for helping them gaining some profit... k??

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Hijriah 1430 and 2009 Masihi...

yeah... i haven't wish you all with Maal Hijrah yet... hehe... quite late on that... well, Happy New Year!!!

1429 and 2008 has make its way passed us... in the one year period, what have we achieved??? hmm... i'm a little lazy to recap... haha... everyone have their own wishlist and resolution... so, what did i resolute???

  1. to be better than last year
  2. to achieve more than last year
  3. to enjoy my life more than last year
  4. to secure myself a JOB!!!
  5. to grad... hoho...
i guess that's all... well, a few of that is surely i can do... but not sure with number 4... 2008 ended badly in economic sector that forces most of the industry to decrease their expenditures... many people lost their jobs, many company can't stand with the cruel world... thus, reducing the number of work opportunities... that's why, i will try my best to work as hard as possible in this internship period and secure a position in the company... wish me luck!!!!