Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cassie - Is It You

Step Up 2 OST... By Cassie - Is It You... Nice lyrics and when combined with piano music, it's very nice...

I'm looking for a lover not a friend
Somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to
I'm looking for someone who won't pretend
Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you

And I'm looking for someone who understands how I feel,
Someone who can keep me real and who knows always
The way I like to have it my way
And I'm looking for someone who takes me there,
Wants to share, shows he cares
Thinking your the one that I've been waiting for

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me? (Could you be?)
Could you be the one I need?

I'm looking for someone to share my pain (Uh)
Someone who I can run to, who would stay with me when it rains
Someone who I can cry with trough the night
Someone who I can trust who's heart is right
And I'm looking for someone

**And I'm looking for someone who understands how I feel,
Someone who can keep me real and who knows always
The way I like to have it my way
And I'm looking for someone who takes me there,
Wants to share, shows he cares
Thinking your the one that I've been waiting for

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be this one I need?

Don't Take for grant
How much I care (How much I care)
And appreciates that I'm there
Someone who listens
And someone I can call who isn't afraid of thought to share

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

Is it you? is it you?
Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for
Could you be the one for me?
Could you be the one I need?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Ignorance of People...

I dont really know, how come one person block another person's walkway without any guilty feelings... I know, it's hard to find a parking spot around here... but please, what if somehow I need to get out fast for some sort of emergency... and there you go, your car is behind mine/right in front of my gate...

The one in this pic, this one is still ok since I can go out without problem... only if I want to go out driving, i will have problems... but last nite, I got an Estima park right in front of my gate to the level that it's hard for me to go out myself.... yeah, i know you are so kind hearted, visiting a relative/friend who had lost someone... but please, dont f**king block my way you bloody idiot!!!! you're lucky enough coz i m not really in the mood of ruining a car... if not, your bloody estima is done for...

really, next time i saw stuff like this, I would consider to scratch right from the front straight to the back, with my key... I wouldn't mind if it's just for a while like half an hour, but if from 9pm up untill 12am... you'll get what you deserve.... you got to get got...

Monday, May 18, 2009


Wanna live in a city??? Doing whatever you would like??? Crime? Stock Market? Work Out? Come here, join meeeeeeee at TornCity

p to the s: pdhal bosan xde benda nk buat....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Boycott mem*vavi* buta???

People keep saying boycott coke, boycott coca cola... what so ever, you totally shouldn't boycott coke just because of this poster... yeah, i'm spreading to entire Muslims out there... I URGE YOU, dont boycott because of this poster... but boycott coke for what they do, their cooperation with zionist... not because of this poster... stop making yourself become a joke...

lemme give you a little arabic lesson. As far as I know, the arabic writing in the poster isn't La Mohammad, La Mekah... "La" or in english, "No" is spelled with "lam" "alif"... as for the word spelled with "lam" is pronounced "Li" means "For" in english... which means, the reversed coke means "For Mohammad, For Makah" and for that matters, we should've support Coke!!! (please dont...)

and i'm here not to say support coke... just, please do things with good reason... not because you have been scammed somehow... there are plenty of reasons to boycott Coke, but please... not this one...

p to the s: if you read this and found what i explained is wrong, leave me a comment (especially you rdhanz...)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

CollegeHumor - In an Apatow World...

Who doesn't know Judd Apatow? (yeah, i bet not many of you do.... i just know by myself too)

Well, these guys at CollegeHumor made an interesting original songs depicting how Apatow's world is... well, you won't catch the point if you dont know who is Judd Apatow... However, if i mentioned movies like Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Forgetting Sarah Marshall they might ring a bell... yeah, Judd Apatow is either their producers or directors where the stories usually being "a loser guy who smoked herbs, drink beer, and have 0% chance of hooking up with a girl suddenly got a chance (either badly or goodly) to hook up..."

Well, here's the info on Judd Apatow and you really have to actually watch those 3 example movies (Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin and Forgetting Sarah Marshall) to actually know what this song is about and only by that you'll find the lyrics amusing... Presenting... CollegeHumor with In an Apatow World

Take a look over here, won't you take a look at me
I'm nothing special, nothing much to see
I got a weird scruffy beard and a big beer gut
I smoke herb all day, I'm a loser but

There's a place I know where I can land
Any woman with a sweep of my chubby hand
A magic place where girls aren't guarded
All you need to be is socially retarded

In an Apatow world
You could be my girl
I'll be Seth Rogen
you'll be Kate Heigel

You're not out of my league
Stoner is the new stud
Cuz a loser is a winner
In this world of Judd

Now my job's unique and it seems bizarre
Ugly guys aren't anchors or rock stars
My friends are lame but important to me
In fact the same guys are in all of these movies

But despite all that I catch your eyes
and you're charmed by my wit to my surprise
Somehow you love it when I talk to you shyly
Even though I look like John C Reilly

In an Apatow world
You would be my girl
You'll be Mila Kunis
I'm Jay Siegel

We will have a big fight
But no bad blood
Cuz it all ends happily
In this world of Judd

I think you got it twisted dude, I'm kind of mystified
That these unrealistic movies have blinded both your eyes
To the cold reality of basic sexual attraction
Jonah Hill only lands Emma Stone after 'action'

At the end of the day you're a gross man-boy slob
And you've played your PS3 longer than you've held a job
So I won't be your Applegate, your Fischer nor your Keener
You should take that hairy Ferrell *** to the cleaners

But in an Apatow world
Yeah, I'd be your girl
I'd run my perfect fingers
Through that Jew-fro curl

And the losers in the crowd
Now know they have a chance
Nevermind being awkward
All you need is romance

But before we conclude
Lemme have the last word
You would never touch this
In the actual world

p to the s: Credits goes to CollegeHumor

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All software capable of running on Windows XP SP2 should be able to run on Windows Vista SP1

Some people have been saying, "I dont wanna use Vista, this software can't be ran on Vista..." "oh no, Vista got compatibility problem..."

and this means that obviously you dont even use the full potential of Windows XP... Here goes the tips... This will make every software capable of running on WinXP run on WinVista...

Compatibility Mode

The features have been in Windows since Windows XP and still remain in Windows Vista. Simply right click on the icon of the program/software/games that you want to run, and click properties. Up there, click at the Compatibility tab and select Windows XP SP2 in the field of "Run This Software in Compatibility Mode For:"

While you're at it, you might want to disable the visual themes and desktop composition (as in the figure above). These two also are the caused of software incompatibility... by ticking these two options, your Windows Aero interface will be disabled and your software/games will have better compatibility...

User Account Control (UAC)

UAC is the most annoying feature of Vista, but they provide you with the best of security that isn't found in Windows XP. It prevents a suspicious applications from executing by themselves and you are needed to verify it. Unfortunately, old software while being a valid software doesn't have the identification tag needed by the UAC to auto approve thus requiring you to provide approval each time you want to run the software.

While it seems to be harmless as it ask the user before the execution of the application, the truth is UAC did mess up the initiation of the application execution thus causing the software either failed to run or running abnormally, or even to the extend like the software being run with 2 different profiles...

So, what you should do here is to disable the UAC... first, go to control panel and type in the search box, UAC... link to "Turn User Account Control on and off" will appear and click the link. BE WARNED THAT THIS WILL LEAD TO A LESS SECURE SYSTEM.

next, untick the option "Use UAC to help protect my computer".

By now, every software that is capable of running on WinXP should be able to run on your Vista system by now...


This method have been tested... It works great.... I have tested with Simcity 3000 Unlimited (a game by Maxis released on year 2000 with compatibility issue at first) and TOCA Race Driver 3 (2006 game which initially developed compatibility issue with Vista but fixed with this method) for games... and for application, Adobe Photoshop CS run with no problem, I even heard my friends said even Adobe Photoshop 7 have no problem with this method.

p to the s: credits goes to How-To-Geek

Datuk Seri Muhamad Nizar is the legal MB in Perak.... FINALLY!!!!!

Yaaaaa... what I would like to say is, SUCK IT!!! you guys have make Malaysia very unstable politically... you guys have lost people's trust... you dont have to say "rakyat perak perlu bertenang" coz they've get what they want and yes, now they are very calm...

Here's the fact, you guys have never won any small elections except the one in Sarawak, clearly people has lost the trust... you guys dont even win the court ruling, means you are obviously, clearly without any doubt going against the rules. haiyaaaa... even the court can't help you find a loophole... stop appeal la... waste your time only... even though you win this appeal, it's already known that you guys went against the rules... just let it go already la... Zambry is not an ideal leader... plus, yout verbal appeal has been rejected... haiyaaaaa... i'm afraid you'll embarassed yourself some more... enough with the lost in elections already maaaa....

if you dare to challenge the people of Perak, try to dismiss the DUN la... then we'll see which one is the people's choice...

again, SUCK IT!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

This is a very interesting pic in the 2009's swine flu outbreak...

It speaks for itself... WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

ecah, dont think that because you send me this vid then i like it immediately m'kay... i saw this vid before but didn't sound great on my laptop speaker (yup, no s... one of the speaker muted)... so u only did part of the job m'kay... anyway, this song sounded very good on my earphone... haha... so, i just thinking, why not??? on my blog... hehe... presenting... Super Junior with Sorry Sorry!!!

credit to: MusicRandomX

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

100th Post!!!!

As for the celebration to 100th post, I'll spend some time on my blog babbling...

as the times go, I already have:

67 entries on my crappy talk, 3 interesting pics, 16 interesting vids, 11 surveys and tags, and 4 entries on tech...

the most commented entry is Am I The One Who Messed Up with 10 comments... next is few entries with 7 comments including entry on my baby and my bolok wok arok...

p to the s: sorry, haven't done the tags yet... i'll do it sometime...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Having a hard day??? Laugh!!!!

no no no... i dont mean to laugh at you... but to laugh along...

Monday, May 4, 2009

This is why you shouldn't overtake a vehicle at double line area...

here's the exact reason why you shouldn't overtake another vehicle in the double line area...

i was on my journey back to Penang after my vacation at my hometown...

after just overtaking a vehicle, return to my lane...

here they are, in the middle of the road, stopping my car...