Thursday, February 26, 2009

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro

Okeh... so, lately i've been thinkin.. how do it feel to fly a jet (of course in my laptop, otherwise i wouldn't been thinking about this...) with a joystick... and suddenly today, my friend wants to go to BJ and i said, why not... tag along with him and i can survey some joystick too... actually i surveyed the price of few sticks before... i can get good one around RM90-RM150 but since RM150 is quite hard on me, i might opt for RM90 models....

but, when i went to BJ... I saw this stick with very low price tag... the one that I saw in PC Depot and Lowyat is around RM90 they sold it at RM75+-.... damn, quite big difference... so, i ask about the one that is more advance and he can give me RM130... ok, the price is good... i like it... but then, go and survey some more, unfortunately no more shops have sticks on their shelves... after few stupid thinking, I go back to the shop and get one Logitech Extreme 3D Pro at RM129+RM2.58 coz i used Visa... hahaha...

upon return, i immediately open the packages and donwload the latest driver and software specifically for Vista (as one included in the CD is for XP and before and I doubt it will run)... after installation, i tested it with Wing Over Europe... few key re-mapping need to be done... but every function is recognized by the game... so far so good...

fly one fighter sweep sortie... what i found is, damn... i fly better... hahaha... every inch of my movement is input into the game accurately... i like it... eventhough my first encounter with enemy i panicked a little bit and drop the altitude from 9000ft to 1000ft... but everything start to act normal after a while and i manage to sweep all other aircraft perfectly... damn, this stick is good... i would recommend everyone who didn't have the budget to buy Saitek's stick or CH's sticks to buy this Logitech's... precision control is possible... would like to fly another sortie later...
It have 1 POV (point of view) or hat switch, 12 programmable button, 1 throttle slider and the you can twist the stick for rudder control... very good, plenty of button... the only drawback i found from my first use is the fact that the base is not stable enough that it could be lifted from the ground while pulling up the stick... while, at first i think twisting the stick for rudder control might give in false input while we actually are rolling but then i found it is very convenient features and i now can make better landing with fully control of rudder instead of maximum rudder when i need it (if it's boeing, i could crash from a hardover... lol...)

however, more interesting story is... i found out that this stick is even more expensive on's website... they selling this at RM149 while I actually get RM20 cheaper... is it i am lucky???

Monday, February 23, 2009

More From Infinity Challenge... EnerGee (Originally being Gee by SNSD)

This is funny+gross... eewwwwww... these guys from Infinity Challenge (remember Big Bag - Haru Haru??) make a parody on SNSD's Gee MV... hahahaha...

Credit goes to Wondersmurf from Youtube...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


i'm bored... dont know what to do... wanna write sumthin, but dont know what to write... hmmm... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored... bored...

okay, enough with the spam... dont want this blog to be close down... hahaha...

the internet is not so good... everything is not so good... probably i should just go to sleep...


Friday, February 20, 2009

Message utk cik belle...

Dear Miss Belle,

Bile ko nk apdet blog ko haaaaaaaa????? lame aku tunggu tag sexy picture ko... xkuar2 jgk... XD


i'm happy... aint i???

well... yup... quite happy... even though not very happy... but yup, i'm happy... why??? when i log on to, i saw my account balance... internship allowance have come in... hehehe... i'm rich again~~~~ but i dont want to spent recklessly this time like i did last time... hehe... hope can save some money this time... wish me luck!!!!

anyway, new link is added on the right side of the page under Other Bloggers... it's my far cousin blog... pay a visit whenever u have time... it's Burd Hani...

suddenly it reminds me the time when i was in matriculation... hehe... i dont even know her!!! but then, my dad said sumthing about a relative is also in the same matriculation center with me... hahaha... but then, after a while... she's actually famous in the matriculation center!!! hahaha... but she's famous for other name... and it makes me wonder, why is it ppl call u aja (or is it haja)??? i dont remember much... whatever, why ppl calling u that name???

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Resemblance by coincidence???

Peugeot logo in 1965 and latest Proton Logo... shield with lion??? what do u think???? hihihi...

Rough Landing

I just came back from KL... my sis flew to Auckland today... she'll be arriving at Auckland at 12.50pm Local Auckland Time... I'll put a story on that later... I'm quite tired for now...

Okay, here's the story.... I should be boarding flight MH1168 to Penang at gate A7... what happen is, they change the boarding gate to B2 and didn't notify us... I guess for those who checked in earlier is not notified about the change as it's not only me who didn't know about the change, there's another guy that is waiting with me... In all of sudden, they announce the flight is about to board and it's already last call... what the heck... A7 and B2 is like 500m away... damn far... we have to run to go to the gate... damn it... luckily i made it... if not, i'll ran amok in the terminal... hahaha...

okay, the take off is smooth... yeah, take off is easy... but night landing might be difficult somehow tonite that the pilot have to do instrument landing... and the landing is, well... i was quite afraid when the touchdown happen... the plane seems unstable and i was afraid it might go off the strip... but they dont... but again... the touchdown is happen at faster speed than usual that hardbreaking is necessary... i actually moved forward due to inertia of breaking... damn it... quite scary...

Monday, February 16, 2009


Today, halfday work... another halfday, went for teambuilding... having lunch at Cititel... quite a lot of food... then went for bowling... bbbaaaddddd game... i'm suck... haha... 1st round its 85, second it's 64... what the heck... 2 game, not even scored 200... duhhhh...

right now... having bbbaaaddddddd headache... i dont know why... but this headache comes with pain in the neck... kinda like a strain... can't turn my head to the right coz it's hurt... damn... wish my panadol is with me... gotta get two pills as soon as i reach home...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tag agaiiiinnn...

Thanks to Pika coz tagging me without telling me... nasib baik aku bace blog ko... ish...

#1 describe 10 things about the person who tag u
  • the eldest among 4
  • just love to talk
  • fall in love with sleeping habit
  • particular person (especially in writing aspect)
  • sometimes 'sengal'
  • moody
  • hard to smile to people she don't even know
  • love to laugh with her friends
  • ego.. (she guess..hohoho)
  • like she said.. Hate liars!
notice that huh pika??? yup.... i copy and paste yours... hahahaha...

#2 describe 10 things about you
  • A UMP student, final year, doing internship...
  • An intern in Intel Technology Sdn Bhd (ya ya... i got it... that israel thingy, u dont have to say it again... tired of it)
  • 23 years old
  • Once an assistant instructor in Gemilang Taekwondo Academy
  • Was the team manager for UMP TKD Team for 2 years MASUM
  • A male, of course
  • Currently feeling good about himself
  • Love to watch How I Met Your Mother (i dont know how many re-runs have i made)
  • Born in Pahang, live in Terengganu
  • I wish I have a car right now...

#3 at the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crashing on Split S Maneuvering... Sounds Familiar????

haha... haven't updated this blog for a while... it have to be a reason... one, i'm filling up my free time by flying lately... already scored 47 planes (it' already 9 aces... damn... i'm good) and always half-way through the campaign... i'm down...

last time, i was downed by somebody shooting me with a cannon... dammit... i wish i see him in the mirror but he seems to be more than stealth... invisible... lol... and second time, i ejected on time, so i'm ok...

but then, while chasing a bandit in my F-15A Eagle on afterburner i got a missile lock and tried to break away... i did the Split S, the one that you roll and turn down heading reverse... but i forgot one thing... my afterburner, and my airspeed.... indeed... when u head down to the earth, gravity will have their punishment on you and the thrust from the afterburner just make it worse.... the common 3000ft altitude condition is irrelevant anymore... and an Split S with afterburner on from 10k ft actually will make you slam to the ground...

Slam to the ground while doing Split S, but at low altitude... sounds familiar??? i wonder MiG from which country have done that???

This is the Split S maneuvering

It's me in the F-15A Eagle... lalala~~~

Look at it.... this picture was taken when i have 17 kills, or 3 aces...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

BigBang - Last Farewell

There're 2 versions of this song... English and Korea... I (and probably many others) personally prefer Korean version... sounds a lot better... anyway... enjoy~~~

Korean Version

Bigbang is back
Most definitely, incredible
Hey move
B to the I to the g (bang bang) x3
About love

I don't wanna be without you girl
Majimak insaneun
Jeobeodugil barae
Oneul dan harumankeumeun
I don't wanna be without you girl
Nae seotun maeum
Kkaji ango gajwo I love you I need you girl
Baby baby baby jogeum eosaekhajiman seoro
Baby baby baby ajik saranghago inneunde
Baby baby baby duryeopgineun hajimanseodo
Kkeuchiboijiman nan geuraedo only you girl

Sangcheoman gadeukhae mojilge nal daehadeon neo
Eoreugo dallae tto banbokdoe neol pihadeon na
Eodiseobuteo eogeutnasseulkka ginagin gomin
Haedabeomneun munjesoge hemeyeo nan

Miromirosoge gachin gil ireun bangnangjamanyang idojeodo

motae nan manyang
Gidarigiman hal ppun sappunsappunhi naege dagawajugil girl
Uri cheoeummannan ttae cheoreom putputadeon geuttae

Ireonireonireon jeoreonjeoreonjeoreon neowa nae saiui

kkeun jeoldaenochimareo


[top SR DS]
Amureon mal eopsi tteona yeollageopgo (amu mal anko)
Geureoda eoneunal gapjagi natanago (museunirisseonnyaneun

Nal gatgononeungeonji ige sarangi matneungeonji
Haruedo yeoldubeon deo hetgalligo (about love)
Handubeon gatgonoldeon jangnangam neon mwol wonhaennyago

Dalkomhameun aju jamkkan urin neomu swipge nogabeorin

(jichin gaseum ijen nado makjimotalgeotman gata) eoseo nal

jabajwo (tteonagagi jeone)


[DS, SR, TY]
Yeojeonhi neol saranghajiman naegeneun neomuna

sojunghajiman ye
Nugudo ne jaril meul su eomneungeol I know (you know)
Oh geunyang joyonghi nal anajwo


B to the I to the g (bang bang)
Kkeuchiboijiman nan geuraedo only you girl (about love)

English Version

Big Bang is Back!
Most definitely incredible (hey move)
B to the I to the G (Bang Bang) x3

I don't wanna be without you girl (Got me slowly dying)
Where did we go wrong my girl (Why can't we keep on

I don't wanna be without you girl (I gave my heart to you)
Going outta my mind, cuz I love you, I need you girl
(SR)Baby baby baby
You know we go back for so long
(DS) Baby baby baby
Used to having you here in my arms
(YB) Baby baby baby
You know what we had was oh so strong
(GD) Just say you'll still be mine
Cuz I love you, I need you girl

My homie,lover,friend together yeah we had it all
Could never see an and just roll forever deep in love
We'd get our groove on,do everything so happily, so free
ain't nothing anyone could ever hate on

(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Baby you my everything; I'd do anything for ya
Never knew another girly quite like ya
And I wanna excite ya
Like, like giving you what you wanna do girl
If it's anyone, I straight run 'em
Unfadeable GD stun 'em
What up, what up, can't put up, put up
When you're telling your gonna need time alone

Repeat Chorus

Tried to call you a thousand times up on the phone (I

called you on the phone)
Never did you answer once you know that's wrong (You know

that's really wrong yea)
Can we talk this out I wanna know why girl you leave me

hanging, oh so damn dry
you can see me praying don't leave me alone (ABOUT LOVE)

Yo, we used to be one, lovers on the run no doubt
Fa sho, we had each others back that's a fact,yo
Never had a bit prob we'd solve and evolve like a couple

shuld is all ,that's all
(DS) It's seemed we had the love thing on lock
With everything we were top
(TOP) But little did I know
(DS) That you would up and go

Repeat Chorus

How could I've known
Cuz all in my eyes
It was all good
Had everything we've ever wanted

Now that you're showing your
True colors baby, now I know (You Know)

Oh, that we weren't meant to be no, nooo

I don't wanna be without you girl (Got me slowly dying)

[YB: hey, hey]
Where did we go wrong my girl (Why can't we keep on

I don't wanna be without you girl (I gave my heart to you)

[YB: I wanna be your man]
Going outta my mind, cuz I love you, I need you girl
(SR)Baby baby baby
You know we go back for so long
(DS) Baby baby baby
Used to having you here in my arms
(YB) Baby baby baby
You know what we had was oh so strong
(GD) Just say you'll still be mine
Cuz I love you, I need you girl

B to the I to the G (Bang Bang) x3
(GD) C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
B to the I to the G (Bang Bang) x2
(GD) Just say you'll still be mine
Cuz I love you, I need you girl

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sexy tag... am i that sexy???

1. Tangkap @ sertakan 3 keping gambar anda yang anda rasakan paling seksi.
2. Tak semestinya tak berpakaian atau mendedahkan. Mungkin anda rasa
senyuman anda masa itu adalah seksi. Sertakan!!!
3. Nyatakan kenapa gambar itu begitu seksi di mata anda?
4. Tag 5 rakan-rakan anda yang seksi.
5. Selamat berseksi

Why is it sexy??? coz it's a pic with my new hairstyle... hehe... sexy, i think... or at least, ppl paid attention to me because of that hairstyle... awesome!!! btw... dont ask me about phone number of the girl beside me... she already got someone way out of ur league... how much way? way way...

ok... next picture... hmmm... this was a candid picture by a girl (i dont remember who...) who apparently sucks at taking picture... blurry picture... hahaha... this is at SUKMA 2008 Terengganu, Taekwondo event... i was a technical officer...

Ok, this picture is sexy because, somebody said that i look tough at this time... it was MASUM 07 in USM Penang. I am the team manager for UMP's TKD Team... apparently we suck badly that year... hahaha...

Ok, 5 sexy friend... they are (drumroll....)
i know some of you dont like this tagging thingy... but, i will tag anyway... coz i like the way u dont like it... hahahahahaha.....

Tagged... again...

tons of question... looks like, once i've been tagged another tags will come along... lalala~~~

1.If you could spend one ringgit, what would you spend on?
- pretty much nothing...

2.What is your most favourite things to do?
- i dont know... too many things... watching How I Met Your Mother, fly in F/A18, be a mayor, sleep, involve in missions for Delta Force...

3.What kind of news do you read?
- pretty much anything, especially comics...

4.What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
- any disease caused by food like diabetics and high blood pressure... these illness still affect skinny guys...

5.Is there someone in your heart right now?
- let's add more attraction to this blog... guess who... hahaha...

6.Do you believe you can survive without money?
- in this urban area??? nope...

7.What make you turn twice to someone?
- pretty much pretty??? cute?? or maybe, super ugly....

8.What do you feel like doing right now?
- get some work, and do it...

9.If there's someone that you love,if would you confess to him/her?
- if there's nothing to lose, why not...

10.List out three good points of the person who tagged you?
- i dont know... cute? kind? good actor???

11.What are the requirements that you wish from you other half?
- sejuk mate memandang???

12.What the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
- ntah... none??? i dont think minor things would be important...

13.Are you left-handed or rigt-handed?
- right-handed

14.If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- i wish i dont... there will be time i feel like i'm eating the same crap everyday... but if that happen, chicken chop maybe??? or lamb chop, or fish and chips?? manhattan fish market!!!

15.If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick?
- happy, unless happy means no money at all i'll pick rich... but no money at all, how do u happy?? so, choose happy... not too rich, nor poor...

16.If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
- i dont know... i like who i am now... maybe, my shyness?? i wish i could be a little bit more friendly with strangers...

17.Who is the person that you can share all the problem with?
- i dont know... different problems will go to different people... haha...

18.Cats or dog?
- looking at my blog, of course cats... meow moew~~~

19.What is the one thing you love about youself?
- confident?

20.If you have a million ringgit, what would you do?
- one million is not a significant value nowadays... but i would say, i'm getting a ferrari... or porsche...

after i finish this survey, then i found out... no tag list.... hahahaha... how come i can thought this was for me???

anyway ida, the picture tag will be added tonite after back from office... the pictures is in my laptop...

Monday, February 9, 2009

yeah yeah... i know... i'm cute... lalala~~~

why is it still 2008??? it's already 2009 laaa... whatever, since u said i'm cute i'll do it anyway... lalala~~~

1. copy cute blogger award tuh

2. Link or name the person that has given the award
~~~Alene Chan~~~

3. List down 10 things about you before u tag another person
Byk gileeeeeeee.... 10 things about me....

  1. A UMP student, final year, doing internship...
  2. An intern in Intel Technology Sdn Bhd (ya ya... i got it... that israel thingy, u dont have to say it again... tired of it)
  3. 23 years old
  4. Once an assistant instructor in Gemilang Taekwondo Academy
  5. Was the team manager for UMP TKD Team for 2 years MASUM
  6. A male, of course
  7. Currently suffering from headache
  8. Love to watch How I Met Your Mother (i dont know how many re-runs have i made)
  9. Born in Pahang, live in Terengganu
  10. I wish I have a car right now...

Akhir sekali mahu tag :
Let's make it all girls this time...

Headache... Damn you caffeine...

what am i thinkin??? blaming the caffeine??? u r the one who take it... lalala~~~ now, i'm having big headache from withdrawal... oh my... it's painful... once u feel it, u'll never want one again... right now, my right side of my head (including my eyes, my cheek) is feel the throb from the headache... i shouldn't have taken that coffee... i should stick with nescafe only... yup, the coffee that i drink is loaded with caff, one mug of nescafe wouldn't be enough to avoid the withdrawal i think...

Caffeine is said works by having some reaction with certain receptors in the brain and the bloodflow in the brain is increased (thus, some will feel headache after get some coffee and yet, for some they will feel more energetic) and after 24hrs to 48hrs they are consumed, the effect is reduced and bloodflow in the brain is returning to normal. While returning to normal, the blood vessel will shrink thus causing one of the biggest (and annoying) symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, headache...

How to overcome this? Analgesic like aspirin can relieve the pain, as much as small dose of caffeine... and the most effective is, small dose of caffeine + analgesic... So far, i've tried Panadol + Nescafe, works... hahahaha.... dont believe me??? check Wikipedia...

it's me in the F/A18!!!! dont believe me again??? i'll make an entry about it later...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Tagged by Belle... time kasih kerane menge'tag' saye...

The challenge is:

Go to your photos folder in your computer.
Go to the 6th folder of photos.
Go to the 6th picture in that folder.

Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
Invite six friends to join the challenge.
Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

this is from the folder raye09... haha... it was from dad's new cam... Taken at home probably... there's a lot of weird pic in there... buah delima, kete, ntah ape lagi la...

ppl i tag...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Bang & Big Bag - Haru Haru (Day by Day or Hari Hari dlm BM)

This is all my lil sista fault... She gave me the infinity challenge version and found that they are good!!! and funny of course... demmit... now they stuck in my head... i cant remove them... so, first... presenting... Big Bang with Haru Haru!!!

Next, I would like to present Infinity Challenge's Parody, Big Bag with Haru Haru!!! noted : MC Yoo really know how to rap???



Yeah, finally I realise, that I’m nothing with you
I was so wrong, forgive me




Pado-chorom buswejin ne mam
Baram-chorom hundur-rinun ne mam
Yongi-chorom sarajin ne sarang
Munsin-chorom jiwe-jijiga anha
Hansuman tang-i kojira shi-jyo~o~o
Ne gasum-sogen monjiman sah-ijyo~o (Say goodbye)


Nega obsin dan harudo mos sal-goman gata-don na
Sengak-gwanun daruge-do gurok-jorok honjajal sara
Bogo-sipdago bullo-bwado non amu dedab-obsjanha
Ho-dwen gide golo-bwado ijen soyong-obsjanha


Ne yope inun gu saram-i mwon-ji hokshi nol ul-lijin anunji
Gude nega bo-igin hanunji bolso sag da ijo-nunji
Jog-jongdwe daga-gagi-jocha malul-gol su jocha obso ete-ugo
Na holo gin bamul jise-ujyo subeg-bon jiwe-nejyo


Dola-bojiman-go tona-gara to narul chaji-malgo sara-gara
Norul sarang-hetgie hu-he-obgie jo-atdon kiog-man gajyo-gara
Gurok-jorok chama-bulman-he gurok-jorok gyon-dyo-nelman-e
Non gurol-surok hengbok-heya-dwe haru-haru mudyo-jyoga-ne


Oh, girl, I cry cry
You’re, my all (Say goodbye)


Girul goda no-wana uri maju-chinda-hedo
Mot bonchog hagoso gudero gadon-gil ga-jwo


Jakuman ye sengak-i to-oru-myon amado
Nado mule gudel chaja-galji-do mula


Non nul gu saram-gwa hengbok-hage non nul nega darun mam an moge
Non nul jagun milyon-do an namke-kum jal jine-jwo na boran-dushi


Non nul jo hanul-gati ha-yage dun gurum-gwado gat-i sapara-ge
Non nul gure-ge uso-jwo amu il obsdus-i



Narul tona-so mam pyonhe-jigil (Narul itgo-so sala-gajwo)
Gu nunmul-un da marul-teni, yeah (Haru-haru jini-myon)


Charari manaji anha-dora-myon dol apul-tende, hmm~
Yong-wonhi hamke-haja-don gu yagsog ijen
Chuog-e mudo-dogil bare baby nol we-he gido-he



Oh, girl, I cry cry
You’re, my all, say goodbye bye
Oh, my love, don’t lie lie
You’re, my heart, say goodbye

p/s :

- all vids credited to Wondersmurf from Youtube...
- romanization lyrics is credited to Yongtori...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

wondered around...

okay... i've been wondering around, thinking what should i write in here... then, something popped out of my mind... and found something interesting too... so, it's gonna be 2 issues in this very 1 entry...

1. UMP is almost the worst among IPTAs???

yeah, this has came up in yesterday's utusan and i am kinda shocked... it's not because i dont know such thing, but i'm shocked happily coz at last, VC (vice chancellor) noticed it... yeah, in the 'majlis amanat tahunan' by VC last few days, he has mentioned about how bad it is for university staffs have been acting on student where student were taken lightly in almost anything, and also how simple stupid primary school rules are exist in UMP...

one of my friend said that the issue came up when VC know about the stupid rules has put a student's life at risk... i'm not sure about it, but i heard it actually cost the student's life... i dont know, on one side ppl might say "tu la, sape suh langgar peraturan" but thinking of a rule that is treating us like a child like cannot enter without id card (and yet, more and more laptops gone missing) and student's car cannot park in parking lot, it is really stupid... and yet, with those all crappy rules, student's welfare is not taken care of by so called "Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni"... foods in cafe is overpriced... cheapest drink used to be 50cents made with boiled water now priced RM1.00 with raw water from the pipe... they said they ask the cafe to reduce the price back to original, but what happen is the price going up instead of down, yet the so JHEPA is ignoring them like there's a world crisis happening in UMP... hello??? ur job is to take care of student's welfare, not to take care the welfare of Gaza citizents... how come u wanna care Gaza citizents while u ignore ur responsibilities here??? who told u that???

there comes the bursary... this is one of the top 3 the most sucks who i really wanna see being tore down parts by parts... damn... these guys really like to ban us from seeing the course results just because we pay the fee a little late... but, they dont even give a fuck about giving the coach who instruct the only team bringing the medals back from Sabah and end up, he resign and never want to come back again...yeah, i'm really mad with these guys... their job is done not in the last minutes, but only when somebody is watching.... their service is very baaadddd guys.... i never saw any other bigger craps from UMP other than this and security...

2. MP3 songs in blogs and profile page of FS...

I've visitted many blogs and friendster profile page... yeah, you guys are so creative in providing functions, decoratives... also very kind of you to share sumthin that u like... but u have to accept one thing... NOT EVERYONE LIKES WHAT YOU LIKE... and also, THE BLOG IS FOR OTHERS TO READ, NOT YOU...

it's not like i'm mad here... just a little annoyed when I come in a blog there you go, automatically playing a song that i hate for the rest of my life... and what making it worse is, there's no control button (play/pause, stop, volume) and I have to listen to the song while reading those blogs or visitting frienster pages all the way to the end...

it's not like i'm saying i'm going against putting songs in ur blogs or friendster pages... it's urs actually, and u have the rights to set ur own policy... but at least, give ur readers or guest a little choice... yeah, not everyone likes what u like and not everyone will accept what u wanna share... but still, it's kind of u to share... but i just hope that there will be some choice to pause or lower the volume... coz sometimes, i read blogs with my songs going on, suddenly i have to turn my song off because i cant turn urs off... and i dont have any other choice... that's bad....

and one more thing, for those who had reported issues of browser hang up for a while after loading ur blogs to load ur player, please consider to change ur player... yeah, i'm talking about urs my little sis... hahahaha....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For all those who wanted to know...

Special request from Wiwita... These are the pictures of the other decos i managed to capture... the girl and the boy.... compare them with the ox... how did i mistakenly recognizing them???

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

just finish an annoying burger and listening to big explosion of firecracker....

damn it... ppl wanna sleep la... tomorrow need to go to work!!!! stop with those firecrackers... please be considerate... haih~~~

anyway, i got one interesting stories to share... it's like this... a few weeks ago, i know CNY is coming and everybody has started to decorate the office here and there... and there are these decorations that displaying a girl holding a chinese scroll (which i dont know what it's saying... happy new year perhaps???)

and then, i thought there are only two sets of such deco in the office, one is the girl version and the other is boy version... but then, after return from the holiday few days after CNY, i reallized that i mistakenly take the deco as in the picture below as the girl version of the deco... you know, they seems very similar deco... only the avatar that holding the scroll being a girl, a boy and an ox...

and I only reallize this after weeks of pass thru this deco assuming that this was a girl holding a scroll, actually it's a girl ox holding the scroll... and if it's not because i went back home, watching tv and informed by that media that it is the year of ox, i think i will continue to perceive this as a girl holding a scroll...

oh my... how bad am i at recognizing something lately???